Blue Prism 1/2-今日硅谷

Blue Prism 1/2-今日硅谷

We are Blue Prism.
As pioneers of Robotic Process Automation software our Digital Workforce of Software Robots, run by the business but built with IT governance and security, enables employees to focus on higher-value work while autonomous multi-skilled software robots tirelessly perform error -free rules based admin transactions.

Blue Prism® invented the term Robotic Process Automation. Our software platform enables business operations to be agile and cost effective through rapid automation of manual, rules based, back office administrative processes, reducing cost and improving accuracy by creating a “digital workforce.”

The digital workforce is built by the operational teams or accredited Blue Prism partners using our robotic process automation technology to rapidly build and deploy automations through leveraging the presentation layer of existing enterprise applications. The automations are configured and managed within an IT governed framework and operating model Which has been iteratively developed through numerous large scale and complex deployments.

Blue Prism’s proven technology plays a key role in the organisations including; The Co-operative Banking Group, Shop Direct, RWE npower, Fidelity Investments, the NHS and O2 to rapidly respond to business change through agile back office operations and is powering the next major Transformation in the outsourcing industry through the adoption of Blue Prisms digital labour.

Robotic Process Automation for the services industry is emerging as a major trend as discussed in The Economist, The New York Times and Forbes. Recently Blue Prism was admitted by Gartner Group as a “Cool Vendor”:

The who, when and where of Blue Prism

Blue Prism® was formed by a group of process automation experts in 2001.

We have offices in London and Manchester in the UK. Austin, Chicago, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC in the US, along with Bangalore, Sydney and Tokyo covered the APAC region. We currently operate in the Financial Services, Energy , Telco, Insurance, Logistics, BPO and Healthcare sectors, but the technology is truly industry agnostic as the Digital Workforce is able to tackle policies-based administrative work.

The management team