Chatbot: Riley

Chatbot: Riley

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Riley is 100% human powered. Our Concierges will begin texting your leads within 2 minutes, 24/7. START FREE TRIAL

Trusted by over 1,500 realtors in over 35+ states


Riley Raises $3.1 Million To Help Realtors Get Leads

Turn Leads into Opportunities

Auto-responders send one text message to leads. Riley goes further and nurtures the lead, saving you time.

100% Human Powered

Riley Concierges use proven scripts to have conversations with your leads.

Fraction of the Cost of an ISA

Our Concierges will nurture and follow up with your leads, 24/7. Put your Inside Sales Agent on auto-pilot!

About Our Concierges

Our Concierges are the back bone to Riley. They make your leads happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no stopping the grind they put in.

  • Chats – Our Concierges handle over 100,000 conversations each month. Nothing gets past them.
  • Time – Concierges respond to each text within 2 minutes. We’re making sure every conversation counts.
  • Money – A concierges is 1/10th of the cost of hiring someone on staff. More money to spend in other areas.

Tier 1 – First we capture the leads information with your lead source via email. We input this info and then start the conversation with your custom scripts.

Tier 2 – Next we continue to converse with your lead and gain valuable information. With this information we can pass off to the realtor to book a showing or contract.

Tier 3 – We then connect the lead directly to the realtor. We sumarize each lead with information that will get you ready to connect with the lead instantly.




Meet the Makers

Daniel Ahmadizadeh, Co-Founder & CEO

Helson Taveras, Co-Founder & CTO

Jeffrey Valdehueza, Lead Web Developer

Alvin Abia, Lead Mobile Developer

Daniel Snyder, Head of Community

Josh Scherbenski, Director of Data

Georgina Menzalji, Head of Customer Success

Ethan Andrews, Lead UI/UX Designer