TOP 3: DPR Construction

DPR Construction is a unique technical builder with a passion for results. Ranked in the top 50 general contractors in the country since 1997, we are a national commercial contractor and construction manager that has grown with our customers by delivering measurably more value.

Whether a multi-million-dollar technical facility or a conference room renovation, we execute every project with relentless accountability. We listen to your goals. We develop strategies based on your business. We track our performance. We do everything we can to earn your trust and build great lasting relationships.

Top 10 Reasons Customers Refer DPR to Colleagues and Friends

  • Trust

    DPR is a contractor that earns your trust. They are upfront and honest even if it means sharing bad news. I can trust them as a partner, as if they work for the system itself.

  • People

    Great people. That’s the essence of DPR’s great people. Their capabilities; the caliber of project managers, superintendents and MEP coordinators (project teams) that DPR provides. In my past experience with DPR, you take on challenging projects and you reach beyond, look past the project scope for issues and take care of things.

  • Experience

    DPR and its people have vast experience that can be relied on especially when issues are new or unexpected. Their experience can be tapped to make viable solutions. They were very good at looking down the road and then providing solutions to potential problems. DPR has depth of subs and their relationships with them are invaluable.

  • Values

    DPR’s core values. DPR knows what’s important and it emulates out of the team. Values that translate to great results. They are able to handle projects and meet schedule deadlines with top quality. DPR is a great, great company.

  • Can-Do

    DPR succeeded with an extraordinarily difficult project. They have a very strong, can-do attitude and ethical business practices. Very few groups of people could have done this project well. It was on-time and under budget. I have a lot of respect for what they were able to do out there.

  • Teamwork

    The philosophy and culture at DPR goes a long way for the team and the clients. DPR has a very good team-based attitude, working together to find solutions and not blame. DPR gets involved really early and they try to understand the job and the team; it’s really helpful. They do a lot of behind the scenes stuff that makes the job go smoother.

  • Quality

    I like the way DPR works. They conduct business in a respectful and honest way. They take pride in their work and we get a quality product out of them. From the front office to the guy in the field, everyone is dedicated to the job and is willing to do their part and do it proactively.

  • Culture

    DPR strives to be the best; they’re a “boots on the ground” type of company. DPR allows its employees to make decisions out in the field and make it right. The lack of micro-managing at DPR is really nice; the freedom certainly makes for better employees.

  • Progressive

    DPR is a progressive company that thinks outside of the box. Modern enough with BIM for large projects, while still having a small company feel with employees who are personable. Available resources both in-house and with top-tier subcontractors. DPR brings a high level of integrity, collaboration, technology and professionalism, which are attributes we want on our project teams.

  • Fun

    They made my job easy – never had to push and did the job professionally without being asked. There are fun events which mix people up and are good for everybody. Serious about their jobs but kept it light, had a sense of humor.

DPR’s collaborative spirit is exemplified through shared leadership. It began with DPR’s three co-founders, Doug Woods, Peter Nosler and Ron Davidowski, and continues with DPR’s Management Committee and throughout the company. Shared leadership focuses on combining the strengths of people to produce high-performing teams ready to build great things.




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