SOMA-High Rising-524 Howard Street (Proposed)-6/25

SOMA-High Rising-524 Howard Street (Proposed)-6/25

High Rising-524 Howard Street (Proposed)


while Crescent Heights is seeking approval to continue operating the little parking lot at 524 Howard Street which they acquired out of foreclosure in 2011, they’re concurrently working on a plan to construct a 44-story residential tower on the site.


As proposed, the slender tower to rise at 524 Howard would reach a roof height of 450 feet, under which 285 residential units, 1,300 square feet of retail space fronting Howard, and 71 parking spaces accessed by way of Natoma Street would be built.
Currently undergoing a Preliminary Project Assessment by San Francisco’s Planning Department, while the on-site board for the 524 Howard Street project announces “coming soon,” it’s likely a minimum of three years away and has yet to be approved.

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