New Projects in San Mateo – 14/18

New Projects in San Mateo – 14/18

Bay Meadows Phase II 

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Location: Primary Address: 2600 S. Delaware, San Mateo, CA 94403 ; includes various addresses & APNs.

The project site is approximately 83 acres. The project site is located at the southern terminus of South Delaware Street and is bounded by Saratoga Drive and the Franklin Resources campus on the east, San Mateo County Event Center on the north, Caltrain rail corridor on the west, and the McLellan Avenue single family residential area on the south.

Developer Contact: Genelle Osendorf, Wilson Meany
Embarcadero Center, Suite 3300
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 905-5300

Project Website:

Description: Past Site Development Permit & Site Plan and Architectural Review Planning Applications.

The Site Development Permit planning application for the site infrastructure (grading, street design, sidewalks utilities, street trees and street lights) and Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map was approved by the Planning Commission at the October 23, 2007 Planning Commission Meeting.

Three Site Plan and Architectural Review (SPAR) planning applications encompassing all but one block of the Bay Meadows Phase II development project were submitted in June 2007. The 18th block (Mixed Use #1) is excluded because it includes the one acre site designated for below market rate units. The 17 blocks were grouped into three planning applications based on land use and location for processing purposes.





Map of 2600 S Delaware St, San Mateo, CA 94403