Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in The World

Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in The World

As Louis Glickman said,”the best investment on Earth is Earth” real estate in layman’s terms is the property which includ es buildings, its land, crops and its natural resources. Hence real estate management is the art of buying, selling, renting buildings or a barren land. With the increasing population, individuals are constantly looking for places to live, be it houses or apartments.some need to carry on their business and want a place to rent.

And there are some who want to invest their money in buying any piece of land as they see fit since they know its not dead investment. As many have said, it is one way how many individuals have become millionaires if not billionaires. although as simple as it sounds ,it is a really big sector in the society and and there is a lot of risks involved in stepping into this business. The main factor is financial backingas you constantly need to keep a watch on the market values and various other factors. the people who deal with these kind of stuff are real estate brokers and they have to have a clear cut knowledge in how this sector works., as this is not the kind of job you want to mess around with costing the company lots of damage.

Here we have the list of the top 10 real estate companies in the world:

10) SVN

svn, Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in The World 2017

Abbreviated as Sperry Van Ness this company has made it to the top 10 list under its CEO Kevin Maggiacomo. This company had 7 offices and now boasts a whopping 190 offices as of 2016. With a well-planned strategy and a good CEO this company can make it to the top without a sweat. The company has had phenomenal growth in the recent years and has been investing wisely as per the opinions of the experts in the field.

9) NAI Global

nai global, Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in The World 2017

The Number 9 on this list is the American company NAI global, which is currently the single largest most powerful global network of owner-operated commercial Real estate brokerage companies. They are headquartered at Princeton, New Jersey, United States. They currently have 375 offices and more than 6,700 local market experts on the ground in all over the world. NAI Global firms currently serve most top companies like Nike, Coca-Cola by helping them in their commercial requirements.

8) HFF


Next up in the list, we have HFF at the 8th position. HFF stands for Holliday Fenoglio Fowler and was founded in 1974. This company catches the spotlight, when it comes to commercial Real estate investment structures. This Real estate giant has 23 offices nationwide and carries out its operations efficiently all over the country.

7) Marcus and Millichap


Marcus and Millichap is a commercial Real estate brokerage firm which is focussed in selling of land and also arranging large shopping centres, office buildings, apartment buildings and hotel properties. It was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in California, United States. This company has about 70 offices in and around United States and Canada. This unique company also publishes research works about the commercial real estate market. In addition, this company also publishes index of the apartment building prices, popularly known as the National Apartment Index.

6) Eastdil Secured


As a pioneer of the real real estate investment banking business, Eastdil Secured has participated in every multi-billion Dollar deals there was. Founded in 1967, it has come a long way since then and is now considered to be one of the finest investors around the world. The company has attained more than 40 years in real estate investment banking knowledge and experience. It is reported that, this gigantic firm has secured over 1.2 trillion Dollars in completed transactions since 2005.

5) Newmark Grubb Knight Frank


The 5th position on the list is secured by Newmark Grubb Knight Frank. It was founded in 1929 and its current headquarters is in New York, United States of America. It is the part of BGC partners and it manages over 250 million square feet of commercial possessions all around the world. They offer a variety of tailor-made services in Real estate development and management facilities like global corporate services, investment sales and capital market. Besides this, they also offer their services in consulting, program and project organisation, valuation and advisory facilities.

4) Colliers International


Founded in 1976, currently they have about 16,000 employees working under them in more than 502 offices in 67 countries around the world. Colliers International provides a wide range of services to commercial real estate users, owners, investors. Their primary services includ e consulting, investment services, project organisation, property and asset management and many more. Recently, this conglomerate announced revenues to be about US$ 2 billion. The NREI survey found that CI had recorded an increase of 28% in its growth in all over the world.

3) Cushman and Wakefield


The 2nd position in the list is acquired by Cushman and Wakefield. Founded in 1917, it is currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, US. They have their regional headquarters in New York, London, and Sydney. This massive firm is one among the largest firms with revenues of US$ 5 billion. This firm operates in more than 60 countries and also have over 43,000 employees. With a history of over 100 years in the business, they are mighty enough to take 100 more years without a sweat. Not surprisingly, with over 4 billion square feet of commercial organisation, this is one of the spearheads in Rela Estate business in the world.

2) JLL


With an estimated revenue of US$ 6 billion, this company stands second in this list. They are expertise in organization and management of commercial properties and commercial property development. They are recording remarkable growth rates and the company boasts of the fastest current cash-flow development rate far above, putting its closest rivals to shame. Their very recent strategies of taking over companies like SAG, JLL will boost the company’s stand in the Hotel and Hospitality management sector as well.



At the first position is the CBRE group which has an estimated revenue of 10.5 billion Dollars. It is one among the most dominant players in the market and the firm has witnessed immense growth in very less time. The CBRE group has also expanded its reach to grab hold of commercial property management recently. This conglomerate acquired Global Work Space solutions for 1.5 billion dollars which resulted in the addition of another 1.2 billion square feet in property under management.

This was the list of largest Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in the world by 2017. With this list, it is possible to understand how crucial this sector is to the market and economy and also we get to know how various businesses depend on these companies for their expertise in this field.