Smart Badge

Smart Badge

Smart Badge

Smart Badge Demonstrator

The Smart Badge Demonstrator showcases integrated Atmel product capabilities to address the wearable market thanks to its low power performance, low footprint and processor performance.

The Smart Badge Demonstrator combines Atmel system solutions including sensor hub, touch, and wireless. The device features the Atmel ǀ SMART SAMA5D31 as the processor, the Atmel ǀ SMART SAM G54 as the sensor hub, the maxTouch MXT112s for touch features and the SmartConnect WILC3000 as the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo connection.

The Smart Badge embeds MEMS and sensor technology from Bosch Sensortec as well as memory multi-chip package from Micron combining 4Gb of LPDDR2 + 4GB of eMMC in a single package.

The Demonstrator runs Android KitKat version with 6 applications deployed:

  • Compass
  • Watch
  • Spirit Level
  • Slide Show
  • Ring my mobile/my badge
  • Battery gauge

In Touch with a New Level of Imagination

Today’s mobile products continue to change the way people consume information, socialize, conduct business, and buy products. Meeting the needs of increasingly mobile consumers now requires solutions that offer:

  • Support for intuitive touchscreen interfaces
  • Efficient power management
  • Fast response time for nimble operation
  • Highly integrated designs for small footprints and minimal bill-of-materials (BOM) costs
  • Secure hardware-based authentication of accessories

Extending Mobility with Touch, Power, and Security

From high-performance touchscreen controllers and highly advanced touch sensors to industry-leading low power consumption and cryptographic hardware authentication, Atmel is your source for technology that supports imaginative new mobile electronics.

  • Mobile Phones — Atmel works with the world’s major handset manufacturers and supports many advanced operating systems, including Android, Linux and Windows®. The Atmel® maXTouch® family of touchscreen microcontrollers offers world-class signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and high resolution, so your touchscreen-based devices can support a stylus, fingernails, and gloved fingers. The Atmel Sensor Hub solution combines the expertise from our sensor partners with our microcontroller expertise to provide you a tailored system solution for processing and integrating real-time data from your product’s surroundings. The Sensor Hub can give your product contextual awareness that improves the user experience. Additionally, easy-to-use hardware and software tools complement this platform to help with your development. Whether you are looking for a system to develop your own differentiators, a high-level set of gestures with contextual awareness, or an off-the-shelf solution, Atmel has you covered.
  • Tablets and Notebooks — The Atmel® maXTouch® U Series controllers employ a groundbreaking dual architecture that uses mutual- and self-capacitance sensing, which features the industry’s lowest power consumption. Support for a high number of nodes accurately reports the positions of unlimited simultaneous touches—including stretch, pinch, rotate gestures—from a stylus, fingernails or even gloved fingertips. Imagine the experience you can create for users of larger mobile devices, coupled with dazzling speed that completely redraws a screen every 4/1000th of a second.
  • Portable Game Consoles — Atmel offers a wide range of technologies that enable users to securely download and play games on a variety of slot-enabled handheld products, regardless of manufacturer or native application processor. Atmel MicroSD cards incorporate a graphics accelerator, interface logic and high-end ARM9™ processor. The Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ IC can protect your portable gaming console from counterfeit accessories, such as battery clones that can lose their charge sooner and cause malfunctions such as short circuits. Atmel Sensor Hub technology, which combines our expertise in MCUs combined with the sensor-specific expertise of our partners, provides real-time motion sensing to deliver a truly immersive gaming experience.
  • Cameras — Combine the best picture taking with exceptional speed and minimal power consumption. The broad family of Atmel ARM®-based microcontrollers integrate all the functions required to implement digital cameras on a single-chip. This includ es capturing, processing, compressing, displaying, and storing images in Flash memory cards, as well as controlling camera functionality through the use of an integrated processor. In addition, the Atmel ATSHA204 CryptoAuthentication IC authentication chip family is the only battery authentication IC that uses a SHA-256 cryptographic engine and a 256-bit key to protect cameras from counterfeit accessories, such as battery packs.
  • Portable Audio Players — Atmel offers solutions for digital audio, including the industry’s most robust touch sensor technology. Atmel provides both Atmel AVR® 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers supporting Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics (RF4CE). Protect your intellectual property (IP) against cloning, counterfeiting and other security breaches and securely manage third-party licensing agreements with the Atmel CrytoAuthentication family of hardware authentication solutions. Through our partners, we provide Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, including the industry’s smallest WLAN module and switching-amplifier solutions.
  • GPS for Fleet Management, Asset-, Vehicle-, and Personal-Tracking — GPS-enabled tracking devices are gaining popularity for fleet management, vehicle-, and asset-tracking and as a security feature for the elderly and children. Vehicle trackers not only ensure productivity and visibility of a fleet of delivery vehicles, they can help mold a teen driver into being a responsible motorist. They can also assist in locating your car if it is stolen or you simply do not remember where you parked at the mall. For the elderly or people with special needs, a GPS-enabled tracking device can be the difference between life and death. A GPS tracker can alert a caregiver the instant a special needs patient wanders outside of their home, or help relatives locate someone who is lost.