10 Fast-Track Auto Projects Built For Speed 

10 Fast-Track Auto Projects Built For Speed 

There is a feeling of panic that sets in when a car engine unexpectedly stalls. For owners and developers, construction delays can trigger similar dread.

Construction companies are a bit like cars. The high-end models or teams are assembled with components carefully chosen for performance and speed. Conversely, low-budget and cheap selections can mean trouble down the road — a breakdown caused by internal friction.

These AUTOWRKX projects demonstrate how an efficient team can quickly deliver impressive results. AUTOWRKX’ strong emphasis on collaboration enables a family-like bond shared by clients and teammates. AUTOWRKX Senior Project Manager Tony Yaccarine leads the TEAMWRKX Construction division with more than 30 years of auto industry experience.

“Construction has been in my veins since I was a kid, and it’s my passion in life,” Yaccarine said, reflecting on his tenure as group leader. “Collaborating with teammates who share my passion and have deep institutional memories enables us to be a specialist, rather than a general contractor. Teamwork is in our DNA.”

1. Steven’s Creek Porsche

AUTOWRKX completed the fast-track expansion of the Steven’s Creek Porsche dealership in Santa Clara in fall 2015. The expansion into an adjacent tenant space and modifications to the existing floor took 22 weeks.

The project includ ed relocation and replacement of existing glazing, signage and decoration, plus installation of metal panels and frameless full-height glass. The building was upgraded with new HVAC, plumbing and electrical equipment, and revisions to existing drive areas. The team removed walls so tenant spaces could be combined into one address.

2. ChargePoint

In spring 2015, AUTOWRKX fully renovated the new location for ChargePoint’s corporate HQ in the Hacienda Business Center in Campbell. This 30K SF undertaking took three months, and required the interior demolition of existing partitions, doors and ceilings to accommodate a new layout. The team also installed a design-build electrical system for three new engineering labs, an IT room and electric vehicle charging stations for 24 EV parking stalls.

3. NIO

This summer, AUTOWRKX demolished a two-story, 84K SF building to make room for an auto lab for NIO. Construction is estimated to take 22 weeks. The Chinese startup will use the space to test prototypes for its electric, autonomous vehicles.

“When it came to ChargePoint and NIO, we sensed a powerful synergy and connected the dots by introducing them to one another,” Yaccarine said. “We’re not intimidated by high-tech or EV projects.”

4. Lexus Service Annex

AUTOWRKX completed the conversion of a 25K SF Santa Clara industrial warehouse into a remote service facility for Stevens Creek Lexus in 12 weeks in fall 2016. The new space contains 18 Lexus service bays and an auto detail service center.

“We work around millions of dollars worth of inventory, so the stakes are high and every component has to function perfectly,” Yaccarine said.

5. Steven’s Creek Subaru

AUTOWRKX’ $14M, 12-month construction of a new Steven’s Creek Subaru building in Santa Clara is underway. The Kenneth Rodriguez & Associates-designed two-story Subaru dealership with rooftop parking will be integrated into an existing three-story concrete parking structure to bring the site total to 146K SF.

6. Serramonte Ford

AUTOWRKX is renovating the 36K SF Serramonte Ford dealership to meet the Ford Trustmark image requirements, which outline standard design and architectural elements to create brand consistency. “We help with interior design, buying their furniture and conceptualizing the image they’re going to create,” Yaccarine said.

The project will take 36 weeks with delivery scheduled this winter.

7. Los Gatos Acura

This summer, AUTOWRKX completed the full renovation of the Los Gatos Acura dealership. The scope of the project encompasses interior and exterior overhaul, including the service center, service bays and showroom.

8. Honda of Downtown LA

AUTOWRKX has just embarked on a yearlong major project for Honda of Downtown LA. It comprises a five-story parking structure with rooftop parking, service department with 35 service bays, car wash and detail area, and support areas for sales and service. Delivery is slated for summer 2018.

9. Tesla

AUTOWRKX completed a 10K SF, $500K tenant improvement project for Tesla within its 400K SF distribution center in Livermore, California. The building became a distribution hub providing automotive parts to the main Tesla factory assembly line in Fremont, California.

10. Audi Service Center

AUTOWRKX repurposed an industrial building to house a new 14K SF Audi service and pre-delivery inspection center for Audi of Stevens Creek at 525 Sunol St. in San Jose, California.