New Developments in Burlingame City 1/10

New Developments in Burlingame City 1/10

New Developments in 1715 Quesada Way, Burlingame, CA  94010 1/10

Burlingame Intermediate School (BIS)

BIS New Building pic BIS map

BIS Auditorium Renovation – Phase 1

Interior Painting
Flooring Renovation
Seating Refurbishment

BIS SMARTboard Installation – Phase1

Installation of SMARTboards in multiple Classrooms
Installation in remaining Classrooms forthcoming
BIS Roofing Replacement

New roofing throughout campus and coverd walkways. Preparation for possible future Solar Panel installations
BIS Temporary Relocatable

Relocatable building placed on campus to serve as swing space during Classroom Modernization

Placement of underground utilities only this Summer. Building to be installed before Classroom Modernization.
Playfield Renovation:
Osberg Field

New Synthetic Turf and Drainage, New Perimeter Walkway, New Softball, Soccer and Lacrosse Field, Accessibility Improvements.

Architect: Dreiling Terrones Architecture