Highrise Building-The Montgomery

Highrise Building-The Montgomery

#10 The Montgomery

74 New Montgomery Street #302, San Francisco, CA 94105

The Montgomery is a residential highrise located at 74 New Montgomery Street in San Francisco, California. The building was designed by the Reid Brothers architects in 1914 and served as headquarters and the offices of newspaper, The San Francisco Call after its building The Call Building was damaged in the great fire.

the Montgomery是一栋位于加州, 旧金山的74 New Montgomery的高层住宅大楼。 该楼是1714年被建筑师Reid兄弟设计, 病担任新闻报纸的总部和办公处。 位于74新蒙哥马利街在三藩某高层住宅,加利福尼亚。该建筑是由瑞德1914兄弟的建筑师设计并担任旧金山新闻呼叫中心的总部和办事处, 后来新闻呼叫中心在一场大火中毁于一旦。

The site was selected for its central location, which quickly became a regional media hub during that time period. From 1914 to 1950 The Montgomery was the home to The San Francisco Call and at times the offices of rival publications as well. From 1950 until 2005 building continued to be utilized as premium commercial office space. In 2005, a team of developers took over the project, close to the Civic Center, the Financial District and Union Square, and converted it into a luxury residential building.

地址重选在旧金山的中心地段。 在那时候,她很快发展成为该地区的媒介枢纽。 从1914年到1950年, The Montomery一直是旧金山呼叫中心和也是重要出版发行商的发源地。 从1950年2005年, 大厦继续被用于高档商业办公。 在2005年开发商上团队接管这个项目, 靠近市政中心,金融区域和联合广场, 被一起转变成豪华奢侈的住宅区域。

Today there are 107 new residences at 74 New Montgomery. The new developers installed new electrical wiring (including CAT 5), new windows designed to preserve the classic aesthetics, and a seismic retrofit to the foundation.

现在在74 New Montgomery共有107家新的住宅大楼, 新的开发商安装了新的电缆线路,新的保留古典美学的橱窗设计和抗震加固的地基。