Highrise Building-SoMa Grand Condos

Highrise Building-SoMa Grand Condos

#11 SoMa Grand Condos

SoMa | 1160 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Rising twenty-two sleek stories, Soma Grand is the tallest residential tower in the neighborhood and the first to blend designer aesthetics with luxury hotel services in an affordable package. In the spirit of this vibrant San Francisco arts enclave, the building exterior features a 4-story mural-inspired by the Bay Area figurative School-by local glass artist Dorothy Lenehan. “Life in this city moves at such a fast pace, we could all use more peace of mind-the kind that comes from letting someone capable manage the details. Soma Grand is San Francisco’s first lifestyle condo to do just that for its residents. Now you can live the hassle-free, hotel-style experience that used be available only to the super rich.” Chip Conley, CEO Joie de Vivre Hospitality.

平地而起的22层的圆滑体, Soma Grand是这一街区最高的住宅大厦,同时也是第一个以能够负担得起的价格的居所,来融合了设计师的美学与豪华的酒店服务的大楼。本着旧金山丰富的艺术源泉,建筑的外部刻有本地玻璃艺术家,湾区象征学派Dorothy Lenehan所作的4层楼高的精神灵感壁画。 “在这个快节奏的城市生活, 我们应该利用更多的心灵平静,来管理自我细节”. Soma Grand是旧金山第一栋为居民而建的居家公寓, 现在你也可以享受打牌只有富人们能享受的轻松自在, 酒店式的生活方式了。Joie De Vivre Hospitality酒店餐饮共的首席执行官Chip Conley说 。

Services at SoMa Grand include:
Som Grand的服务有包括:

Twice monthly housekeeping
Daily concierge assistance
Round the clock coffee and tea service in the lobby
Full suite of a la carte services, from dog-walking to spa treatments to computer repair
全套即叫即到服务, 从遛狗到泡温泉到电脑修理等