Research:Top 5 Ways to Use Alexa for Your Real Estate Business

Research:Top 5 Ways to Use Alexa for Your Real Estate Business

There is a lot of buzz around voice assistants and what robots can do for businesses in 2018. What could it mean for real estate? How much can Alexa (Amazon Echo) really do?

The tech is still very new. Will it completely transform the way you run your business, or even eliminate the need for agents at showings? Our guess is probably not. But there are certainly some advantages to using the tool, and we are always advocates of adapting new tech early. Using Alexa right now, could put you 10 steps ahead of the competition a few years down the road.

So let’s take a peek at how Alexa can be the most fruitful for your real estate business, at this stage in the game.

1. Generate More Leads

Alexa, set a timer for the oven…
Alexa, you remind me to pick up my dry-cleaning on Thursday…
Alexa, are there any new houses for sale in my neighborhood?

Hey, it’s not too far fetched. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 adults in the US have access to a smart speaker. (Almost 50 million users in just 2 years on the market!) And those numbers are skyrocketing by the minute.

So, how can you use Alexa to help generate more leads? There are apps on the market that connect with Alexa, allowing agents to get their names and listings in front of more homebuyers. When a user asks Alexa to help them find a house, Alexa will narrow down their search and pair them with an agent. (You!) The user gets details about the houses in their neighborhood, and also gets an email with your contact information.

If you’re looking to grow your business and generate more leads, it can’t hurt to explore new marketing opportunities. Utilizing Alexa may be the next big thing.

Check out AgentNEOTalk to the House, and Voiceter to learn more.

Improve Consumer Experience

To be the best in 2018, what is the most important goal? Providing an amazing consumer experience. More is more when it comes to providing value. New technology with Alexa allows agents to have more flexibility with showings, and connect with more leads.

Imagine you’re hosting an open house in a high-volume area. Maybe dozens of people show up, and they’ve all got questions. What if Alexa was hanging out in the living room, ready to answer questions about the property? When Alexa is paired with the app AgentNeo, this is possible. This app is perfect for in-demand homes, and areas with booming markets. Essentially, it gives you a little clone of yourself – more questions answered, and more connections in the same amount of time!

Of course the name of the game is getting more leads, and connecting with more potential clients. But we don’t often think about the way we’re connecting with leads. Often it’s quite aggressive; mailers, door-knocking, cold-calling, or relentless emailing. While there is value in all of those strategies, what if you could connect with leads in a way that gives the lead the control – making them feel more at ease. Voiceter Pro asked the same question.

Maybe a user asks Alexa, “Hey Alexa, what is my home worth?” Alexa can give them an estimate in their area, and say, “This information was provided by [Agent Name].” This gives the lead the power to reach out to you. Which translates into, not only more leads, but the highest quality leads possible (the ones that truly want to talk to you.)

Use Alexa “Skills”

lexa Skills allow users to take the technology to the next level. Think beyond questions and answers. If Alexa were your iPhone, Skills are the apps that make everything possible.

We’re always looking for ways to help make agents more successful, and to improve their lives. What if you could find out the weather conditions – down to the minute – at your next appointment, without lifting a finger? Or share your location with other agents for an added sense of security. How about a quick rundown of your appointments and meetings in the car on the way to the office?

Watch Tiffany McQuaid (McQuaid & Company Real Estate Services) discuss voice-activated tech at Inman Connect San Francisco 2018!

Remember that as an agent, time is money. Your time is invaluable, and when you streamline the busy work – that’s when the real magic happens.

Create Your Own Alexa “Skill”

We’ve been talking about ways you can stand out from the competition, as an agent. How can you add more value to your client experience? Or market your brand in a new and creative way? Creating an Alexa Skill could be a potential revenue stream for your business. Additionally it could help expand your reach with leads, or simply widen your network in the real estate community.

What’s your niche? If you have a strong niche market, that could be your ticket to a successful Alexa Skill. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Waterfront Properties 101: Everything you should know before buying
  • Luxury Homes in Downtown Dallas
  • Ultimate Guide for First Time Homebuyers
  • Tips for Buying and selling a Condo
  • DIY Tips for Home-Flippers
  • The Craftsman-Style Home Expert

Think about content that you already have! Do you have a podcast, webinar series, or blog? All of these are great platforms for an Alexa skill. Learn more about how to create your own Alexa Skill.

Become a Better Agent (On-The-Go)

How much time do you spend per week in your car? Depending on the city it could be several hours! Don’t let that “down time” go to waste. Once you’re done with your follow-ups, why not use Alexa to help improve your performance? There are countless ways to learn while you’re on-the-go. Ask Alexa for some historical information about your city. Stay up on market trends and industry data. Maybe try, “Alexa, play me the top real estate TED Talk.” All of these questions are useful for you as an agent – and you can ask them hands-free!

The content available via Alexa is growing every day. Of course the technology is still relatively new, and not every question will be answered perfectly, but hey – it never hurts to ask, right?