Best Private Schools In Santa Clara County – Old Orchard School – Rank 1

Best Private Schools In Santa Clara County – Old Orchard School – Rank 1

Best Private Schools In Santa Clara County – Old Orchard School – Rank 1

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400 W. Campbell Ave.
   Campbell, CA 95008
   Tel: (408) 378-5935 


Old Orchard School was established in 1973 by founder Dannie Weston. Uninspired by the educational opportunities available to her own children, Mrs. Weston decided to create the school she wanted for them: a warm and friendly educational community that would ask a lot of its students academically and socially, and provide them with the skills, encouragement and support they would need to rise to the challenge. Academic subjects were accelerated, but never rushed; comprehension and critical thinking would be stressed above rote learning. Arts and enrichment programs would be taught at all grade levels, providing balance to students’ school day.

Old Orchard opened with one classroom, two grades, and Mrs. Weston as its only teacher. Each year, Mrs. Weston added new grades, teachers and classrooms. The first 8th Grade class graduated in 1981, and in 1998 a second campus was added. Old Orchard, much like its students, grew at a challenging but comfortable pace, always engaged, but never rushed.

Today, Old Orchard is led by Bonnie Weston, daughter of school founder Dannie Weston. The school offers Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade and employs more than 35 faculty and staff members on two campuses in Campbell, CA. The student body represents a diverse group of students, drawn from all corners of and all communities within Silicon Valley.

Graduates overwhelmingly choose to continue their education at one of the Bay Area’s leading college prep schools; most have their pick of two or more schools. Grade by grade, standardized test scores average in the 95th percentile and above.

Old Orchard itself continues to grow and evolve, honoring its founder’s values while keeping in step with the times. Technology is embraced in all classrooms, with the youngest students learning their way around school laptops and slightly older students delving into digital media, videography, programming, game design, animation, robotics and more.

Graduates are regularly accepted at the Bay Area’s finest private high schools and the nation’s most selective colleges. But they rarely leave Old Orchard entirely. They return frequently to visit teachers and friends, to tell us what they are up to, and to say thanks for the great start in school and in life.

The reason is simple. Old Orchard has grown, but Dannie Weston’s original vision remains firmly in place: A school’s sole purpose is to serve children in every possible sense.

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