Tuition for Ranking – Keys School- Rank – 6

Tuition for Ranking – Keys School- Rank – 6

Tuition for Ranking – Keys School- Rank – 6

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2890 Middlefield Rd,
Palo Alto, CA, 94306

Grades: K – 8 


Keys School began with a vision of a home-like place where curious students could become thoughtful, responsible, and self respecting individuals. That vision continues to blossom today in an environment that is built on close relationships, a hands-on curriculum, high academic achievement, and balanced whole child growth. Keys graduates enter the finest high schools in the area as confident problem solvers, exceptional communicators, and with a perceptive awareness of interpersonal dynamics.

From its humble beginnings in 1973, with seventeen students and three teachers, Keys School has grown into a kindergarten through eighth grade school of more than two hundred students learning on two campuses. As Keys has matured, it has never lost sight of its core values and mission. In support of the mission, Keys has adjusted its instructional methods to reflect the latest educational research. Our program reflects a unique opportunity for student to be actively engaged in learning. Over time, the changes included staff expansion including a full time counselor, and specialists for all students in science, music, art, Spanish, library, and physical education. Technology education is now an important part of the Keys curriculum, with a technology curriculum specialist on staff.

Keys has retained many features of its early roots such as a vibrant after school program, outdoor education, dramatic communication through class plays, and even ice skating instruction in physical education. As a K–8 school, a rarity on the Peninsula, Keys develops the warm relationships between older and younger students, further promoting the home-like atmosphere envisioned by the founders. A Keys education gives students the opportunity to participate actively in their own learning through hands on activities like field trips, plays, presentations, and group endeavors.

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