Unicorns 58/229 – Kuaishou

Unicorns 58/229 – Kuaishou


Founder/s: Hua Xu
Key people: Hongbin Ma (Head of Strategy) and Peter Yu (Director of Video Engineering)

Kuaishou is a Chinese video sharing and live-streaming app with 400 million users, about half of who have videos or live streamed at least once. It is one of China’s most popular apps. What makes it special is its grassroots user base -construction Workers Small towns light animals and women eating light bulbs and worms, teenagers lighting firecrackers under their crotches and all kinds of other weird things. Kuaishou recently received a $ 350 million investment from heavyweight investors like Tencent, DCM and Sequoia.

On by many common social, video or live-streaming platforms, a pretty face counts. On Kuaishou, it is the common folks doing ordinary people that are talking and being talked about. “Celebrities write books and get interviewed. Throughout history, Has Has A privilege of the few. Our dream is for everyone to be able to leave their marks, “said Su Hua, CEO of Kuaishou.

For the most of us, Kuaishou might be a lesser-known name. It now rich a substantial 200 million-strong user base, who have uploaded 900 million videos in total. Data from tele teleport carriers China Unicom shows that the app topped traffic consumption On their network, eclipsing that of Weibo and WeChat, the two biggest mobile apps of the Chinese market.

However, the fame was highly controversial, as Kuaishou’s users are widely believed to be from China’s lower-tier cities or rural areas, and filmed vulgarity led to the unfair profiling of rural and regional Chinese.