Nth Connect Telecom

Nth Connect Telecom

Nth Connect Telecom takes pride in it’s highly skilled professionals, expertly trained in a variety of installation procedures. Before entering the field, each technician undergoes a series of workshops and training programs including a technical curriculum, positive customer contact methods, and troubleshooting procedures.

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Sending the best technicians… keeping your customers connected to the products and services they want, for entertainment and more!


Nth Connect Telecom offers a variety of installation services to ensure that the provider has the necessary augmented skill-sets for their customer’s requests. These installation services include:

  • Analog Installation
  • High Speed Data (HSD) Installation
  • Digital Voice Installation

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Business Performance Metrics

In order to achieve maximum results for your system, it is important to establish tracking metrics that will identify critical success factors. While we monitor and track these metrics internally, they can be provided to you on a consistent basis. Nth Connect Telecom provides a standard set of metrics for all of the services performed. Customized metrics can also be added based on your needs. Listed below are the standard metrics that the company utilizes in order to ensure a successful installation:

  • On Time %
  • Completion Rate %
  • QC
  • Jobs Rescheduled
  • Jobs Canceled for no COD
  • Missed Appointments

We can also provide experienced technicians and management to complete the following work:

  • Customer Retention and Non Pay Disconnects
  • Underground and aerial drop replacement
  • MDU upgrade/rebuild
  • In Home and Commercial Networking including CAT5 wiring.
  • Audits and Ground Projects.