Silicon Valley Today 10/17

Silicon Valley Today 10/17

Google retires photo service Picasa: 17 failed Google projects, services and products: Google’s biggest failures

Here’s what Google has killed since 2014

Updated 15th February 2016: According to reports Google has retired its photo service Picasa to focus on new photo sharing service, Google Photos. Read on to find out more.

Like Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, Google has made room for new projects by ditching others. We explore Google’s biggest failures including Google Glass, Google Waves and Picasa.

Here’s a look at what Google has waved goodbye to so far…

10. Failed Google projects: Bufferbox gets the boot
Google bought parcel storage service Bufferbox in 2012, but has announced the offering will be no more as of this spring (“Our warehouses will stop accepting packages on March 31, 2014 and April 21, 2014 will be the last day to pick up your packages from BufferBox locations.”) Google says the “learnings and technology” from Bufferbox to future Google Shopping services. Drones anyone?

Failed Google projects: Bufferbox gets the boot