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WaterSource Tech


WaterSource Technologies is solely dedicated to the conservation of the most precious resource on earth – our water. Worldwide studies show that up to 30% of all potable water is lost due to infrastructure and plumbing leaks in housing, industry, and agriculture. These leaks lead to water shortages, property damage, environmental issues, mold, litigation, and the overall high cost of ownership. Current technologies for water leak detection are ineffective and can only find the leak after significant damage has already occurred.

WaterSource Technologies recognizes these critical issues and has conducted extensive research to find a solution to this problem with apartment building and hotel owners as well as insurers and government entities. The result is suitable for apartment and multi-family buildings, hotels, resorts, sports complexes, department stores, government/military complexes, and factories.

Water-Saving Technology at Its Finest

The Pythos system from WaterSource is able to help protect your property from water damage, while also minimizing unnecessary water waste from undetected or new leaks. Our water management system offers 100% accurate leak detection, reducing costs that would otherwise be spent toward mold damage restoration, litigation, and other water damage repairs. When you install Pythos in your building, you save money by avoiding pipe breakage and property damage mitigation, instead allowing you to spend that money where it is needed most.

High Reward, Low Cost

Our Pythos advanced water management system offers high value to our customers at a low price point. Pythos is an innovative control system with many unique applications. The  core algorithm on which Pythos is based is continuously adaptable, making Pythos a complete leak analysis and detection system.  Pythos performs all of the features of its known competitors –with an additional 15 proprietary features. Pythos is a 100% accurate leak detector, analyzer, and quantifier, so you never have to worry about wasting resources responding to a leak that didn’t exist.

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Owen Jerez CEO/CTO

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