Robots in Taiwan 1/22

Robots in Taiwan 1/22


by RCmart Intl. Inc.


Type, Locomotion: Humanoid

Released: 2006


Taiwan’s RCmart International Inc., has created a 9.45 inch tall humanoid robot called the NX-25Q. This DIY humanoid robot has full digital servos; and with the Zeta-HMRD digital servo, its torque increases to 4.0kg/cm. It makes this robot achieve a maximum speed of 0.1sec/60degree. It also comes with a metal encased analog servo, although the digital version is preferable.


The NX-25Q is a Do-It-Yourself robot for beginners and its kit can help its owner gain robot assembling skills while having fun. This Taiwanese robot is designed as a tool for educational training and for general robot players or enthusiasts. The versatility of its control board and the software gives one a feeling of fulfilment and amusement whether a beginner or a skilled robot player.


NX-25Q Features:

–  Metal bracketed frame

–  Renasa 0260F6A U55321A microcontroller

–  NX-Mini application software

–  RS232 communication

–  Analog/digital servos

–  Aluminium alloyed joints

–  NiMH battery operated