Robots in Taiwan 10/22

Robots in Taiwan 10/22


by GeStream Technology, Inc

Type, Locomotion: Humanoid

Released: 2008


GeStream Technology, Inc. added fame and glory to Taiwan when the Guinness Book of World Records recognized BeRobot as the world’s smallest humanoid robot.

BeRobot is a line of miniature-sized robots, which are mass-produced. It is available in a wide variety of deigns and colors, making it an ideal addition to any robot collection. It is regarded as the centerpiece of a complete product for technology educators because of the advanced technologies integrated into its system. It can be used in the enhancement of trainings in various fields, such as industrial engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence.

As small as the BeRobot may seem, it is largely viewed in terms of the functionalities specifically offered when it comes to artificial intelligence capabilities. It also has a great collection of hardware includ ed in its hardware expansion interface.

Among other things that BeRobot can do, it is very entertaining as it performs simple movements such as walking, playing soccer, playing football, making a fist, squatting, dancing, one-foot spinning, pushups, and Tai Chi Chuan. Contributing to its charm as a robot for kids is its ability to transform into an e-pet, dinosaur, and robotic arm.


    • Infrared remote control
    • Built-in speaker
    • Gyro
    • Voice control
    • Image sensor
    • Ultrasonic sensor
    • Bluetooth control
    • Zigbee control