Robots in Taiwan 11/22

Robots in Taiwan 11/22

Hsiao Mei

by  National Taiwan University

Type, Locomotion: Humanoid

Released: 2009


Engineering and research students from the National Taiwan University have created a tour guide robot called Hsiao Mei. It is capable of scanning and mapping its surroundings, and recording key locations into its memory.

Standing 91cm tall, this robot is equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) and laser mapping as its navigational system. Its mapping function is exceptional – it can construct 2D and 3D maps after data has been collected.

An electronic light sensor is located in its eyes to determine locations of people so that it can response directly to them. Hsiao Mei is equipped with charge-coupled devices (CCDs), and an LCD touchscreen is fixed on its back to show and display the maps and other gathered data.


    • Moves around on wheels
    • Can operate a maximum of 2 hours before charging
    • Ability to create facial expressions such as happy, sad or angry