Robots in Taiwan 16/22

Robots in Taiwan 16/22

Thomas and Janet

by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Type, Locomotion: Humanoid

Released: 2009


The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology created a male theatrical robot named Thomas and to go with it is an equally talented theatrical female robot partner named Janet.

The NTUST claimed that their robots are the world’s first kissing humanoid robots. Making their first public appearance at the Taiwanese University, these robots performed some scenes from the popular show Phantom of the Opera. It was directed by a mechanical engineer Chyi-Yeu Lin.

Janet played the part of Christine, while Thomas acted the part of the phantom. Both these robots are equipped with silicon facial muscles allowing them to copy human facial expressions and lip movements. Several servos were also installed enabling these robots to have six expressions.

The two robots can be synchronized by a network connected to a computer, which also acts as the server for both of them. Manual moulding, non-contact 3D face scanning and 3D face morphing were utilized on these robots in order to make them kiss each other realistically.

Thomas and Janet Features:

    • Silicone facial muscles
    • Self-balancing mechanism
    • Can kiss realistically
    • 3D face scanning
    • 3D face morphing
    • Biped