Unicorns 12/224; 独角兽企业

Unicorns 12/224; 独角兽企业



Acquisitions: 23 Acquisitions
Total Equity Funding: $607.22M in 5 Rounds from 27 Investors
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Description: Dropbox’s mission is to provide a home for everyone’s most important information and bring it to life.
Founders: Drew Houston, Arash Ferdowsi
Categories: Collaboration, Private Cloud, File Sharing, Web Hosting, Enterprise Software
Website: http://www.dropbox.com

Company Details

Founded: June 1, 2007
Aliases: Dropbox, Inc.
Employees: 1k – 5k | 52 in Crunchbase

Dropbox’s mission is to provide a home for everyone’s most important information and bring it to life. They make it easy for hundreds of millions of people to access, share, and collaborate on their files so they can be more productive — at home and at work.
Dropbox is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Austin, New York, Seattle, Dublin (Ireland), Herzliya (Israel), London (United Kingdom), Sydney (Australia), and Tokyo (Japan).

Dropbox is the simple, powerful home for your photos, videos, docs, and other files. Your stuff is safe, accessible, and easily shared – no matter where you are. Any file you save to your Dropbox is automatically saved to all your computers, phones or tablets, and the Dropbox website. Plus Dropbox secures your files with AES-256 bit encryption and two-step verification.

Dropbox Pro provides unrivaled sync along with 1 TB of space, powerful sharing features, and increased control. Whether you’re a professor sending out lesson plans, a musician creating and sharing a new composition, or a consultant refining a proposal, Dropbox Pro is home for your passion and creativity.

Dropbox for Business combines the solution 300 million users trust to store, sync, and share files securely with the admin tools IT teams need to protect business data. With easy-to-use controls, IT admins can get full visibility over how critical work files are accessed and shared, while letting team members continue to use the tools they know and love.

Mailbox (acq. by Dropbox) is a simple, beautiful way to put email in its place. Users can swipe to archive, delete or snooze messages, making it easy to stay focused on what’s important and reach inbox zero quickly.

● Dropbox has over 400 million users
● More than 1 billion files are saved to Dropbox every 24 hours
● Dropbox is used in over 4 million businesses and 97% of Fortune 500 companies
● There are over 300,000 apps on the Dropbox Platform
● Dropbox has users in 200 countries
● Dropbox is supported in 19 languages

June 2007: Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi co-found Dropbox
September 2008: Dropbox product launches publicly
September 2009: Dropbox for iPhone app is released
January 2010 : Dropbox wins its first three Crunchies, including Best Internet App for 2009
April 2010: Dropbox Android app, iPad app, and Mobile API are released
April 2011: Dropbox is now available in English, French, Japanese, German, and Spanish
October 2011: Dropbox Core API launches for mobile and web app
August 2012: Samsung integration lets Dropbox users enjoy content syncing across Samsung devices; Launch of two-step verification increases security when accessing your own Dropbox
September 2012: Dropbox announces a Facebook integration for sharing within Facebook Groups
November 2012: Dropbox reaches 100 million users and celebrates with 100 Million Thanks; Dropbox Chooser lets developers integrate Dropbox into their web apps with a few lines of code
December 2012: Dropbox establishes its first international office in Dublin, Ireland
February 2013: Dropbox Sync API lets developers focus on creating their best mobile apps, simply; Dropbox for Business adds an admin console to give IT increased visibility and sharing controls
March 2013: Dropbox acquires Mailbox, an email management app
April 2013: Yahoo! Mail integrates to let users add attachments from Dropbox and save to Dropbox too
May 2013: Dropbox for Business partners with identity providers to offer enhanced Active Directory integration, including single sign-on (SSO)
June 2013: The Dropbox Partner Network lets solutions providers resell and support Dropbox for Business
July 2013: Dropbox unveils the Datastore API and Drop-ins at DBX, Dropbox’s first developer conference
November 2013: Dropbox previews the all-new Dropbox for Business, with separation of personal and business Dropboxes and new IT admin features.
March 2014: Dropbox opens New York office for engineering and enterprise sales
April 2014: Dennis Woodside joins as COO, Sujay Jaswa is appointed as CFO; Carousel, the new photo gallery product from Dropbox, launches Dropbox; establishes its first APAC office in Sydney, Australia
May 2014: Dropbox surpasses 300 million users
July 2014: Dropbox partners with Deutsche Telekom, bringing Dropbox to mobile users in Europe
August 2014: Dropbox Pro adds new sharing controls, safeguards for lost devices, and 1 TB of space
September 2014: Sony Mobile integration allows Dropbox users to access their content from Sony devices; Dropbox co-launches the security advocacy organization Simply Secure
October 2014: Dropbox opens office in Tokyo, its first office where English isn’t the primary language; Dropbox launches Salesforce integration to bring Dropbox files directly into Salesforce records; Dropbox partners with H-P and Acer for easy Dropbox access on more PCs and tablets
November 2014: Dropbox announces Microsoft partnership, with integrations that let users access, edit, and share Dropbox files from Office mobile applications
December 2014: The Dropbox for Business API launches with leading enterprise integrations around eDiscovery, data loss prevention, digital rights management, and more to serve the 100,000 companies on Dropbox for Business
January 2015: Dropbox opens offices in London (United Kingdom) and Herzilya (Israel)
February 2015: Vanessa Wittman joins as Chief Financial Officer
March 2015: Dropbox for Business releases the Groups functionality and Groups API to all customers.