Unicorns 17/224; 独角兽企业

Unicorns 17/224; 独角兽企业




Investments: 2 Investments in 2 Companies
Total Equity Funding: $2.07B in 2 Rounds from 6 Investors
Headquarters: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Description: Koubei.com is a life search engine providing living consumption information, restaurant, house renting and buying, travelling, and more.
Founders: Zhiguo Li
Categories: Search Engine, Restaurants, Professional Services, Coupons
Website: http://www.koubei.com


Company Details

Founded: June 1, 2004
Aliases: 口碑网
Contact: 057126880088
Employees: 11 – 50 | 1 in Crunchbase


Koubei.com (口碑网) is a life search engine that provides information that includ e the information of living consumption, restaurant entertainment, house renting, house buying, working, travelling, and more.

Since its inception in 2004, Koubei.com is a living guide that covers all medium and large cities. Its two big channels , restaurants and entertainment transactions, are top rated in their respective categories. Among them, the map to find shops and guest’s reviews are two major features of the Koubei catering and leisure service. It also provides release, query, and transaction services about house renting information and secondhand house dealing information, and a credit system in the field of domestic classified information. The website also offers local search services.