Unicorns 79/223; 独角兽企业

Unicorns 79/223; 独角兽企业





Status: Subsidiary of Le.com
Total Equity Funding: $152.92M in 1 Round from 1 Investor
Headquarters: Beijing, Beijing
Description: Cloud computing service platform
Categories: Cloud Computing, Software, Enterprise Software
Website: http://cloud.letv.com/


Company Details

Founded: 2004
Aliases: LeTV Cloud, Le Holdings Beijing) Co., Ltd., LeCloud Computing Co., Ltd.
Employees: 5k – 10k | 1 in Crunchbase

LeCloud provides professional and leading video cloud services i.e. CDN, Cloud-on-demand, Cloud live and Data+), industry cloud services i.e. Radio, TV, education and sports), shared cloud services i.e. content sharing, distribution and live broadcasting of commercial events), VR and self-service cloud platforms. These are all accessible from around the world. With 680 CDN nodes deployed in over 60 countries and regions and 20 Tbps available bandwidth, LeCloud implements more than one million cloud live events per year, hundred millions of device accesses per day and millions of concurrent users per second. Also, it serves hundred thousands of global enterprise users and billions of users in total. In addition, LeCloud fully supports new-generation 4K and H.265 video technologies and is the world’s first cloud platform that supports 360-degree panoramic and real-time VR live broadcasting.


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