Unicorns 129/223; 独角兽企业

Unicorns 129/223; 独角兽企业

Human Longevity



Acquisitions: 1 Acquisition
Total Equity Funding: $300M in 2 Rounds from 10 Investors
Headquarters: San Diego, CA
Description: Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) is a genomics and cell therapy company focused on extending the healthy, high performance human lifespan. Led
Founders: Peter Diamandis, J. Venter, Robert Hariri
Categories: Health Care, Genetics, Biotechnology, Health Diagnostics
Website: http://www.humanlongevity.com


Company Details

Founded: 2013
Contact: 858-249-7500
Employees: 501 – 1k | 13 in Crunchbase

Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) is a genomics and cell therapy-based diagnostic and therapeutic company. Using advances in genomic sequencing, the human microbiome, proteomics, informatics, computing, and cell therapy technologies, HLI is building the world’s most comprehensive database on human genotypes and phenotypes to tackle the diseases associated with aging-related human biological decline. HLI is also leading the development of cell-based therapeutics to address age-related decline in endogenous stem cell function. HLI is concentrating on cancer, diabetes and obesity, heart and liver diseases, and dementia.

The market for healthy human longevity is enormous. Globally, total healthcare expenses run over $7 trillion, with nearly half of these funds being spent in the senior (65+) years of a person’s life to help keep them alive longer. Using the combined power of HLI’s core areas of expertise – genomics, informatics, and stem cell therapies, HLI is going to change the way medicine is practiced by furthering the shift to a preventive, genomic-based medicine model.

HLI revenue streams will be derived from database licensing to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic organizations, sequencing, and development of advanced diagnostics and therapeutics.