Unicorns 150/223; 独角兽企业

Unicorns 150/223; 独角兽企业



Total Equity Funding: $177M in 4 Rounds from 13 Investors
Most Recent Funding: $100M Series D on June 8, 2016
Headquarters: Irvine, California
Description: Cylance is a global provider of cybersecurity products and services to solve the world’s most difficult security problems.
Founders: Ryan Permeh, Stuart McClure
Categories: Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Computer, Artificial Intelligence
Website: http://www.cylance.com

Company Details

Founded: July 4, 2012
Contact: sales@cylance.com | 1(877) 973-3336
Employees: 501 – 1k | 21 in Crunchbase

Cylance is the first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning to cyber security and improve the way companies, governments and end users proactively solve the world’s most difficult security problems.

Using a breakthrough mathematical process, Cylance quickly and accurately identifies what is safe and what is a threat, not just what is in a blacklist or whitelist. By coupling sophisticated math and machine learning with a unique understanding of a hacker’s mentality, Cylance provides the technology and services to be truly predictive and preventive against advanced threats.

Cylance is based in Irvine, CA. For more information, please visit www.cylance.com.

Watch an analyst interview with CEO Stuart McClure here: https://vimeo.com/129319624