Top 20 Crowdfunding Sites – Indiegogo – 2/20

Top 20 Crowdfunding Sites – Indiegogo – 2/20

Top 20 Crowdfunding Sites – Indiegogo – 2/20Indiegogo

Founded: 2007
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Founders: Slava Rubin, Danae Ringelmann, Eric Schell

I’m more familiar with this crowdfunding platform because I used it to help a friend and his nonprofit organization. Like Kickstarter, you can use Indiegogo to start up any project or idea. But unlike Kickstarter, you can set up nonprofits on the site. Indiegogo also offers Flexible Funding, which means you get to keep the funds you raised — even if you didn’t reach your goal.

Indiegogo is a launchpad for entrepreneurial ideas.

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About Us
At Indiegogo, our mission is to empower people to unite around ideas that matter to them and together make those ideas come to life. With the help of our Indiegogo community, we’re redefining entrepreneurship—shifting it from being a privilege to a right. Because every inventive idea should have its shot, and every creative entrepreneur should have their moment. Together, we can do anything.