Smart City Conference 2017 – Puebla, Mexico (2nd Edition)

Smart City Expo Latam Congress

WeGov: People and government for the common good

27-29 June 2017 ◊ Puebla, Mexico ◊ 2nd Edition

After the hugely successful first edition of Smart City Expo Puebla in 2016, the Mexican city will hold the macro event Smart City Expo Latam Congress, from 27-29 June 2017. The new edition will focus on the concept “WeGov: ciudadanía y gobierno para el bien común”, (Citizens and government for the common good), as a main tool in leading the smart city transformation in Latin America.

With the objective of tackling the common challenges of Latin-American cities, the congress will gather together international cities, speakers, influencers and industry leaders in an extended congress, which will take place on 27-29 June in the Centro Expositor in Puebla, Mexico.

Using real scenarios to demonstrate projects, the 3 day summit will give all attendees the opportunity to see first-hand, the most innovative solutions in urbanism, mobility, sustainability and technology in the growing exhibition area as well as participate in networking in the Smart Plaza.


  • Sustainable territories
  • Participatory and equitable society
  • Digital enterpreneurship and economic development
  • Regional development and mobility
  • Technology for efficient management