Unicorns 52/229 – Best Logistics Technology

Unicorns 52/229 – Best Logistics Technology


Founders: Johnny Zhou
Key people: Shaoning Zhou (Pres./CEO)
Number of employees: ~50,000

BEST Logistics is a cutting-edge logistics company with headquarters in Hangzhou, China. We provide comprehensive supply-chain solutions and services to online and offline businesses, including but not limited to manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and buyers. Our services span from express delivery, freight delivery, inventory management, warehouse fulfillment, software development, financing, business consulting to cross-border logistics services.

The company was started as BEST Logistics, and soon expanded to having 7 other subsidiary entities, BEST Express, BEST Freight, BEST Supply Chain, BEST Cloud, BEST Capital, BEST Global, and BEST Store.

As of 2016, BEST Logistics has more than 40, 000 employees, 4 million square meters of warehouse and distribution centers, tens of thousands of certified franchisees, 660 multiple operations centers, and a nationwide distribution network in China, as well as offices and warehouses in United States,Germany,Australia,Japan and Korea.


Before 2009

  • First obtained Alibaba and Foxconn financing of 15 million US dollar
  • BEST Logistics registered in Hangzhou


  • Become the Committee unit of “Zhejiang supply chain association”
  • Become information partner of China mobile Corporation, Zhejiang
  • Launched warehousing services, created entities operating network nationwide
  • Obtained Lining 2008 “Cohesion” best partner award


  • R&D Division in the report “Analysis and research on collaborative outsourcing” defined “BEST Logistic” as Zhejiang province logistics management outstanding case
  • The report “Analysis and research on collaborative outsourcing” written by R&d division was defined as an outstanding case of Zhejiang province logistics management
  • Become the best logistics carrier of “EXR (Shanghai) trading co., LTD.”
  • Become the best air freight service carrier of the year of “Hangzhou Amphenol FeiFeng communications products co., LTD.”
  • Attended “e-business meeting” and was awarded as the most trustworthy e-business by global e-business
  • Won “the award of development and support in logistics system as Li Ning’s partner” and ” prize of generous support Li Ning for 20 years “
  • Obtained 3A logistics enterprise qualification presented by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing
  • Obtained Metersbonwe’ s 2009 “New carrier of the year award”
  • As a representative of high-tech logistics, became the member of “Hangzhou information association”
  • Built the first e-commerce OFC in Shanghai, and launched a new concept of integration of e-business and service


  • Was selected for “China excellent e-commerce logistics enterprise alliance” and won “China e-commerce service quality prize”
  • BEST Logistics CEO and President Johnny Chou got the title of distinguished expert of 1,000 Talents Plan issued by Central Organization Department
  • Won Septwolf “Hundred Regiments Campaign” quartet cooperation victory memorial trophy
  • In 2010 became the advanced enterprise in Binjiang district, Hangzhou city


  • Received the 2012 advanced unit title for provincial civil service
  • Received the title of “Hangzhou high-tech enterprise”
  • Got 4 A logistic enterprise qualification issued by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing
  • Became the leading supplier of Herbalife in 2012


  • Received the title of 2013 high-value e-business service
  • Became 2013 peak season service support advanced unit
  • Won 2013 China’s e-commerce logistics innovative service prize
  • Entered the Top 20 of 2013 annual Chinese e-commerce warehousing service
  • Once again achieved the top place in 2013 “Zheshang” national Top 500


  • In 2014 was elected as the best case of China logistics and purchasing information
  • Was elected “Red Herring” in the 2014 annual list of top 100 enterprises in Asia
  • Got a distinct division in 2014 ninth session of China’s most investing enterprises list
  • Achieved the award for outstanding electricity storage and logistics service
  • Won Sohu award for best Mobile Marketing
  • Got the first prize for 2014 China most potential employer


  • BEST Express was awarded the Deputy – Chairman Enterprise of the 2nd Council of China Express Association. Richard Zhou, VP of BEST logistics and GM of BEST Express, was appionted deputy chairman of the Association.
  • Acquired 360hitao, set up US Branch and BEST Global BU.
  • Launched BEST Store.


  • Expanded logistics business to Australia, Japan and Korea.
  • Completed a new round of $760 million Private Placement.
  • Best Express and Best Freight released mascots “Dear” and “Carryman”.