Quora; 湾区高科技公司; 71/100

Quora; 湾区高科技公司; 71/100




在2010年3月,Quora得到基准资本公司的创业资金,估价高达八千六百万美元[6]。据Business Insider称,Quora拒绝了数十亿美元的并购邀约[7][8]。在2012年5月,Quora在B轮筹资中募集了五千万美金。

在2017年4月23日,Quora得到Collaborative Fund和Continuity Fund两家机构领投的八千五百万美金的D轮融资,至此,Quora的估值也翻倍为18亿美元。


Quora was co-founded by two former Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo, and Charlie Cheever. They made this site for those who cannot find appropriate answers to a question. General questions are available, of almost every topic. This site is also made for students who desire to explore topics in-depth.

Quora’s base of users grew quickly, beginning with spikes in Dec 2010. As of April 2017, Quora claimed to have 190 million monthly unique visitors, up from 100 million a year earlier.

In June 2011, Quora redesigned its website, in order to make information discovery and navigation easier.[8] Quora released an official iPhone app on September 29, 2011, followed by an Android app on September 5, 2012.

In September 2012, Quora announced that co-founder Charlie Cheever was stepping back from a day-to-day role at the firm, although he would continue in an advisory role.

In January 2013, Quora launched a blogging platform.

Quora launched full text search of questions and answers on its website on March 20, 2013,[11] and extended the feature to mobile devices in late May 2013.[12] It also announced in May 2013 that all its usage metrics had tripled relative to the same time in the prior year.[13] In November 2013, Quora introduced a feature called Stats to allow all Quora users to see summary and detailed statistics regarding how many people had viewed, upvoted, followed, and shared their questions and answers. TechCrunch reported that, although Quora had no immediate plans for monetization, they believed that search ads would likely be their eventual source of revenue.

In April 2014, it was announced that Quora was raising $80 million from Tiger Global at a reported $900 million valuation. Quora was also one of the members of the Summer 2014 Y Combinator batch.

In March 2016, Quora acquired Parlio online community website. In April of that year, the company also began a limited rollout of advertising on the site.

In October 2016, Quora launched Quora in Spanish to the public. Following this announcement in early 2017, a beta of Quora in French was announced. According to this last announcement, the next languages Quora will be available in are German and Italian.

In April 2017, Quora was reported to have received Series D funding, with a valuation of $1.8 billion.