Rambus; 湾区高科技公司; 72/100

Rambus; 湾区高科技公司; 72/100


1990年,Mike Farmwald和Mark Horowitz创立Rambus公司,并开始提出专利的申请,到1995年拥有SyncLink和RamLink等专利技术。1996年11月,在经过了几年的谈判之后,Intel同Rambus共同致力于Direct Rambus DRAM发展。威盛推出的Apollo Pro133一度取代Rambus DR DRAM,美光选择Apollo Pro133。


Rambus大部分的收入是来自专利,Rambus经常处于诉讼状态。目前Rambus的产品有 RDRAM、XDR DRAM、XDR2 DRAM。


Rambus Incorporated, founded in 1990, is an American technology licensing company, and has also been labelled as a patent troll. The company became well known for its intellectual property-based litigation following the introduction of DDR-SDRAM memory.


Rambus, a California company, was incorporated in 1990 and re-incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1997. The company was listed on NASDAQ in 1997 under the code RMBS. As of February 2006, Rambus derived the majority of its annual revenue by licensing patents for chip interfaces to its customers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, history of Rambus has been “marked by litigation, including patent battles with numerous chip makers”.

Rambus’ share price has ranged between a high of nearly $150 in 2000 to a low of approximately $3 in 2002 with a 4:1 split on June 15, 2000. Rambus’ share price in the first quarter of 2010 was between $20 and $24, giving the firm a market capitalization value of around $2.5 billion.