10 best-funded startups in the hot world of robotics

10 best-funded startups in the hot world of robotics

1. Auris Surgical Robotics, $180 million: This San Carlos Robotics Company is the fourth one founded by Dr. Fred Moll. He just acquired his previous one, Mountain View-based Hansen Medical, for about $80 million. Its backers includ e Highland Capital Partners, Lux Capital and Mithril Capital Management.
Headquarters: San Carlos, California
Founders: Christopher J. P. Velis
Founded: 2007

 2. Medrobotics, $133.2 million: Massachusetts-based Medrobotics got FDA clearance for its Flex Robotic System last year. The device’s main use now is in ear, nose and throat surgery. It was founded by Howie Choset, Alon Wolf and Dr. Marco Zenati and its backers includ e BlueTree Allied Angels, Eagle Ventures, Hercules Technology Growth Capital and Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse.
Headquarters: Raynham, Massachusetts
Founders: Dr. Marco Zenati, Alon Wolf, Howie Choset
Founded: 2005

 3. Restoration Robotics, $118 million: This San Jose-based startup whose system is used to treat baldness is another robotics company founded by Dr. Fred Moll. Its backers includ e Alloy Ventures, Clarus Ventures, InterWest Partners and Suttter Hill Ventures.
Headquarters: San Jose, California
Founders: Fred Moll
Founded: 2002

4. Anki, $117.8 million: San Francisco-based Anki raced out of the box with a self-driving toy car racing game that was named one of the 25 best inventions of 2013 by Time magazine. It was founded by Boris Sofman, Mark Palatucci and Hanns Tappeiner. Its backers includ e Andreessen Horowitz, C4 Ventures, Index Ventures, JPMorgan Chase and Two Sigma Ventures.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Founders: Boris Sofman, Mark Palatucci, Hanns Tappeiner
Founded: January 5, 2010

5. Rethink Robotics, $113.5 million: This Boston-based Company has a robot named Sawyer that is designed to help with manufacturing and won a significant contract last fall with a Chinese distributor. It was founded by Ann Whitaker and Rodney Brooks. Its backers includ e Bezos Expeditions, BrooksLabs, Charles River Ventures, GE Ventures and Draper Fisher Jurvetson.
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
Founders: Rodney Brooks, Ann Whittaker
Founded: 2008

6. Liquid Robotics, $82 million: This Sunnyvale company’s ocean robots use waves and the sun to generate energy as they monitor the waters they navigate looking, among other things for submarines. It was founded by Roger Hine and Joseph Rizzi and its backers includ e InterWest Partners, Riverwood Capital, Schlumberger and Stanford University.
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California
Founders: Joseph D. Rizzi, Roger Hine
Founded: 2007

7. Ninebot, $80 million: China-based Ninebot makes what it calls “personal transportation robots” that look something like a Segway. The company was founded by Lufeng Gao and its investors includ e Intel Capital, Sequoia Capital, Shunwei Capital Partners and WestSummit Capital.
Headquarters: Beijing
Founders: Lufeng Gao
Founded: 2012

8. Sphero, $80 million: This Colorado toy maker probably has the best-known robot in this group, the BB-8 robot that was in the most recent “Star Wars” movie. It was founded by Ian Bernstein and Adam Wilson and its backers includ e Foundry Group, the Disney Accelerator, Grishin Robotics, Highway 12 Ventures and Mercato Ventures.
Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado
Founders: Ian Bernstein, Adam Wilson
Founded: February 1, 2010

9. 4Moms, $60 million: Pittsburgh-based 4moms develops juvenile-oriented robotics like self-installing car seats. It was founded by Robert Daley and Henry Thorne and its backers includ e Bain Capital Ventures, BlueTree Allied Angels, Castanea Partners and Innovation Works.
Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Founders: Henry Thorne, Robert Daley
Founded: 2005

10. Jibo, $52 million: Massachusetts-based Jibo developed a natural language-processing robot, similar to Apple’s Siri, except with a movable body that can display reactions to what you say, and other features. It was founded by Cynthia Breazeal and Jeri Asher. Its backers includ e Acer Group, Charles River Ventures, Dentsu Ventures and Fairhaven Capital.
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
Founders: Jeri Asher, Cynthia Breazeal
Founded: 2012