Artificial Intelligence Conference San Francisco 68/114

Artificial Intelligence Conference San Francisco 68/114

Philipp Moritz 
UC Berkeley, UC Berkeley

Philipp Moritz is a PhD candidate in EECS at UC Berkeley, with broad interests in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and distributed systems. He is a member of the Statistical AI Lab and the RISELab in Berkeley.


1:30pm–5:00pm Monday, September 18, 2017
Building reinforcement learning applications with Ray
Implementing AI
Location: Yosemite BC
Level: Intermediate

Secondary topics:  Algorithms, Open source, Transportation and autonomous vehicles

Ion Stoica (UC Berkeley), Robert Nishihara (UC Berkeley), Philipp Moritz (UC Berkeley)
Ion Stoica, Robert Nishihara, and Philipp Moritz lead a deep dive into Ray, a new distributed execution framework for reinforcement learning applications, walking you through Ray’s API and system architecture and sharing application examples, including several state-of-the art RL algorithms.