Artificial Intelligence Conference San Francisco 83/114

Abu Qader
CTO, GliaLab

Abu Qader is the CTO of GliaLab, an artificial intelligence company utilizing artificial intelligence to build an image analytics platform that can detect and diagnose anomalies within a variant of medical images such as mammograms. Abu is an 18-year-old visionary and entrepreneur with a passion for innovating fields such as healthcare with cognitive science and artificial intelligence. He received the Fifty for the Future award, was featured at Google I/O, and spoken at TEDxTeen in London. Abu is entering Cornell University as a Posse scholar in the fall.


9:25am–9:40am Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Deep learning to fight cancer: Fireside chat
Location: Grand Ballroom B
Peter Norvig (Google), Abu Qader (GliaLab)
Abu Qader’s personal experience is a testament to the increasing impact and accessibility of AI technology. As a high school student, he taught himself machine learning using open online resources and launched an AI company for breast cancer diagnostics. Peter Norvig sits down with Abu to share anecdotes, discuss the state of artificial intelligence, and explore where things are heading.