REX — Real Estate Exchange 3/3

REX — Real Estate Exchange 3/3


REX uses the internet, and doesn’t just rely on the MLS. It’s where most people start their home search. And our technology team (read: computer nerds) use a data-driven formula to maximize the number of digital channels — including Zillow , Trulia, Google, Yahoo Homes, Facebook, Instagram, and more — publicizing your home. As a result, REX homes sell faster.

Why pay a 6% sales commission when you can get the same service and a better result paying just 2%? That’s a rhetorical question. No one wants to pay 6% and with REX you don’t have to. REX sellers get a dedicated REX agent to guide you through the entire process doing everything a traditional agent does and more; from service to expertise, your satisfaction is our priority.


We’re With You Until Escrow Closes

We earn it the old -fashioned way, through flawless customer service. We negotiate with buyers, craft counter offers, assess contingencies, arrange appraisals, ensure Compliance with the mountains of legalese that surround the sale of any home and if we have to take your dog for walk during a showing, we occasionally do that too.

Fewer days on the market. More profit.

REX is a full-service real estate agency. We don’t save you money by hiring rookies. We save you money by avoiding the MLS. REX agents do everything traditional agents do – preview your home, compare it to neighborhood comps, and help You decide hired a listing price. We also hire home design photographers familiar with the REX process to make your home look its best. And, well, do everything else a good real estate agent ought to do — from showing your property to drawing up contracts , and coordinating inspections.

Watch Your Home Go Viral

If you decide to list with REX, our marketing team will use sophisticated search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and emerging digital marketing techniques to reach qualified buyers directly, where they are searching for homes like yours.

Review incoming offers. Cumbersome paperwork optional.

Buyers simply fill out our “Indication of Interest Form.” It’s an easy way to see if both sides are in the same ballpark. If you are, your agent can now draft a formal offer that makes sense to both parties.