MuleSoft is a provider of the leading platform for building application networks.

MuleSoft makes it easy to connect the world’s applications, data and devices. They provide a software platform that enables organizations to easily build application networks using APIs. APIs are the digital glue that allows applications to talk to each other and exchange data. MuleSoft is at the heart of the applications and services you use every day, like Netflix, Spotify and Salesforce, From Global 500 corporations to emerging companies in more than 60 countries.

Categories : Apps, Developer APIs, Enterprise Software, FinTech
Founded Date : 2006
Founders : Dave Rosenberg, Ross Mason

Team Members
President & CEO : Greg Schott
CFO : Matt Langdon
CTO : Uri Sarid

Acquisition Details
Transaction Name : MuleSoft acquired by Salesforce
Acquired by : Salesforce
Announced Date : Mar 20, 2018
Price : $6.5B

The unified platform for API-led connectivity
Anypoint Platform is a hybrid integration platform that enables organizations to easily build and rapidly scale an application network of apps, data, and devices through APIs and integrations.

Rapid development
Design, implement and test APIs and integrations with unified tooling and a fully integrated SDLC.

Connectivity to all systems
Connect to any data source with pre-built connectors for applications, SOAP or REST APIs, and databases, or use the SDK to build custom connectors.

Collaboration and self-service
Share IT assets with users inside and outside the business. Users can identify best practice resources via self-service, wich faster on-ramp and project execution.

Lean runtime
Orchestrate transactions in real-time or move millions of records in batch on a scalable, flexible and highly performant engine.

Visibility and control
Monitor, secure and govern all aspects of Anypoint Platform – APIs, integrations, traffic, SLAs and more – from a single interface.


How Anypoint Platform works
with unified tooling for the entire lifecycle of API and integration projects, users learn one flexible framework, reuse code and enforce best practices to deliver projects faster with higher quality.


Transformed graphically, ensure quality by composing in-line tests, and democratize access with auto- Generated portals.


Build on top of discoverable templates, examples, APIs, and API fragments from the MuleSoft ecosystem or internal best practices to promote consistency and drive reuse. Maintain control by limiting access to individuals or grant access across business groups.


Write applications and APIs once and deploy anywhere: on-premises, in a public or private cloud, or to MuleSoft’s globally available PaaS. Change environments on the fly, scale out as needed, and achieve high availability or zero-message loss reliability with a Few commands.


Control all aspects of Anypoint Platform through a single interface. Provide access, monitor SLAs, accommodate resources, and securely inspect transactions as it flow between mobile, cloud and legacy apps. Deliver operational intelligence and real-time business insights with fully customizable dashboards and reports .