E-Real Estate Zillow Instant Offers 12/13

E-Real Estate Zillow Instant Offers 12/13

What is Zillow Offers?
Zillow OffersTM is a home-selling option for homeowners who want a certain and predictable sale on their timeline. Homeowners in participating markets can request a cash offer from Zillow by providing their address and answering some questions about their home. Zillow will review the home Details and local market conditions, then respond to a homeowner’s request with a cash offer within a few days. If the homeowner chooses to move forward, a dedicated Zillow Seller Success Specialist will coordinates next steps, including scheduling a home inspection and connecting the homeowner with Our licensed real estate agent. If the homeowner decides to list their home for sale instead, Zillow can connect the homeowner with a trusted local agent who advertises on Zillow. Not a seller? We have answers for real estate agents too.

How do I request an offer for my home?
If your home is in Atlanta, Las Vegas or Phoenix, you simply enter your address and answer a few questions about your home. If your home qualifies, in just a few days you will receive an Offer from Zillow. If you choose to accept Zillow’s offer, we will have the home inspected, close the purchase of the property using a local agent, make necessary repairs and updates and then resell the home.

Is there a fee to request an offer?
There is no cost to request or receive an offer from Zillow. If you choose to sell your home to Zillow, you will receive a clear statement outlining any fees associated with the offer.

I’m not ready to commit — can I still get an offer?
You do not have to sign any agreements or make any commitments to request an offer from Zillow. After submitting a request, you can accept the offer and sell your home, you Can list with an agent or you can decide not to sell at this time. It is completely up to you.

Is this like a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) transaction?
Not really. A FSBO home may be listed publicly and often requires home prep, staging or showings. FSBO homes are typically purchased by traditional buyers who may or may not be If you sell your home to Zillow, no prep or showings are required, and your cash sale is certain on the closing date you choose.

When will Zillow Offers be available in my area?
We are currently testing Zillow Offers in the Phoenix, Atlanta and Las Vegas metropolitan areas. Claim your home on Zillow, and if we expand this program to your area, you will be the first to know .