E-Real Estate

E-Real Estate


Fundrise offers an alternative to investing in stock and bonds — the first low-cost, direct private market investment built for you.

Company Name: Fundrise, LLC
Company website: https://fundrise.com/
CEO: Benjamin Miller
Age / Year Found: 2010
Company Value / Total Funding Amount: $55.5M
Office HQ: Washington, DC

Business roles/description:

Fundrise launched in Washington, D.C. in 2012 to help locals claim ownership in the development of their city. Our first project, and the first-ever crowdfunded real estate deal, was the development of acclaimed D.C. restaurant and retail store, Maketto, in 2013. Fundrise has grown since then, but our mission of providing people with a simpler, smarter and more reliable way to invest has remained the same.

Today, Fundrise continues to shape the investment industry, creating a new alternative to investing in stocks and bonds. By combining technology with new federal regulations, we have opened up the once-unattainable world of direct private investments to everyone in the US, regardless of net worth.