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Company Name: Ownerly, LLC
Company website: https://www.ownerly.com/
CEO: (Info not available)
Age / Year Found: December 4, 2016 (Launched date)
Company Value / Total Funding Amount: (Info not available) 
Office HQ: Dover, DE

Business roles/description:

Ownerly’s mission is to put professional home value data and insight in your hands.

Knowing and understanding your home value is the foundation of being a good home owner. This vital information shouldn’t just be in the hands of the real estate industry and financial institutions. Regardless of plans for your home, we want to level the playing field. Ownerly puts home value data from two leading real estate analytics technologies at your fingertips to easily monitor and understand a complex industry that directly affects this investment.

With over a decade of experience in data, the Ownerly team understands the value of data. We often see data kept in the hands of industries and have delivered products that bring this to the people. It can be overwhelming, but products like Ownerly bridge the gap to equip home owners with the insight to make the right investment decision.

We’ve personally experienced the challenges of knowing our own home values and what that means in the real estate market. Ownerly is the cornerstone of home investment management. But even for us, it’s just the beginning. We plan to grow our features to make sure users get the most out of their investment.