Top 5 Cloud Computing , HP Helion, 1/5

Top 5 Cloud Computing , HP Helion, 1/5

Top 5 Cloud Computing , HP Helion, 1/5

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There has never been a cloud portfolio quite like HP Helion — an entire spectrum of hardware, software, and professional services. Architected to work together, the stack is comprehensive no matter how you choose to build or consume your cloud. Discover how the building blocks of HP Helion give your organization the ultimate in flexibility, scalability, and openness.


The HP Helion Network enables enterprises to accelerate innovation and enhance cloud adoption by leveraging enterprise-grade HP Helion OpenStack® Network.

 The pressure is on 

In a world of relentless change, your organization must continue to innovate or risk falling behind. And yet, too many organizations find that their data centers can’t keep pace with the need to rapidly adopt new processes, new products, and even entirely new business models. Cloud offers the promise of a new era — and a new style of IT.

But cloud can only deliver on that promise if it is part of a well-coordinated effort that leverages both existing IT infrastructure and new technologies. In a hybrid world, a combined approach can turn your organization into a more responsive, more agile competitor. One that is ready to face the future. One that is ready to win.