IOT – Santa Clara – May 10 – 12, 2016 – 1/3

IOT – Santa Clara – May 10 – 12, 2016 – 1/3

Internet of Things World

May 10 – 12, 2016

Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley

5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Map of 5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA

**Program at a Glance**

Day 1 – Tuesday May 10, 2016

8:40 AM
Chairman’s Welcome: Examining today’s market trends, predictions and timelines


9:00 AM

City of San Francisco Welcoming Address
Miguel Gamino, CIO, City of San Francisco (awaiting final confirmation)
  • Jay Nath
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Office of Mayor Edwin M. Lee, San Francisco


9:30 AM

Beyond the Hype: How the Internet of Things Is Poised to Drive Business and Societal Transformation On a Global Scale

 Digitalization is driving massive transformation in every aspect of business and society, and is fundamentally changing the way that businesses interact with their customers and governments interact with their constituents. The macro trends of IoT and Big Data are transforming business, industrial and urban landscapes globally through the continued convergence of our virtual and physical worlds.

In this session, Jack Domme, CEO of Hitachi Americas, will explore how, by mindfully applying connected intelligence from the IoT and actionable analytic insights, public and private organizations can now achieve better business outcomes that not only drive greater efficiencies and improve their bottom line, but support the development of smarter, safer, healthier and more efficient societies in the process.

  • Jack Domme
  • Chief Executive for the Americas
  • Hitachi, Ltd


9:50 AM

Emerald Sponsor Presentation

Sam George, Director for Azure IoT, Microsoft


10:20 AM

Leaders Panel: Revolutionizing Business Models; Driving Innovation & Embracing Disruption in a Future Connected World
  • Creating Value from connecting “things” Assessing the commercial feasibility and monetization of IoT
  • How will the “Internet of Things” remake your industry? In what ways can IoT improve efficiency, enable innovation and drive real business transformation?
  • How will the technologies evolve?
  • Managing IoT data & Creating Value through Analytics
  • Martin Cotter
  • Vice President of the Internet of Things (IoT), Consumer and Healthcare Business Units
  • Analog Devices, Inc.
11:00 AM



Not All IOT Networks Are Created Equal: Driving Connectivity for Durable IOT Programs

The coming availability of ubiquitous thing connectivity will have a profound transformation on every aspect of how we live. However, the type of connectivity platform that is chosen for IOT deployments, and more specifically durable IOT infrastructure, can drive very different business and societal outcomes. In this presentation, we’ll identify what technology requirements incorporate the lessons of yesterday, meet the broad technical and commercial requirements of today, and are inherently extensible for tomorrow’s needs. By evaluating standards, security and scalability requirements, a framework will be provided to ensure that everyone is able to participate in the IOT revolution.

  • Michael Bell
  • President, CEO, and member of the Board of Directors
  • Silver Spring Networks


12:40 PM

Panel: Targeting Enterprise and Consumers: How to successfully brand IoT?
  • Examining effective business & marketing models to engage with the consumer
  • How to choose the most effective marketing channels and maximize these
  • What does the enterprise/consumer want/need? How to market IoT technologies and products to the everyday consumer?


1:10 PM

CIO Case Study: Moving towards a Safer, Smarter, and More Secure Connected Home
  • How secure is IoT in the home? Identifying Key Security Concerns that may arise in the Smart Home
  • Showcasing how a Home Security company is effectively managing security concerns
  • Examining opportunities for consumers to monitor and maintain security remotely, To what extent will offering security and safety in the home enable the ecosystem to monetize on their IoT/Smart Home offerings?
  • Bringing IoT devices into Home Ecosystems and then connecting this ecosystem to others: How is the security managed through this collaboration?
  • Future Opportunities for Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning …



Emerald Sponsor Presentation Reserved

2:20 PM
Panel: Examining the Industrial IoT Opportunities
  • Examining the role of Big data, Processing and Analytics for the Industrial Internet
  • How can CIO’s use IoT to maximize business development and efficiency?]
  • IoT for Manufacturers, Mining & Precision Agriculture
  • What does IoT mean for Fleet Management &Tracking; supply chain management; smart factory; energy efficiencies…
  • Ensuring ROI: Looking at the costs associated and how these can be justified?
  • Sara Gardner
  • CTO, Social Innovation / IoT Business Unit
  • Hitachi
  • Eric Dresselhuys
  • Executive Vice President, Global Development
  • Silver Spring Networks
  • Terry Nadeau
  • Vice President, Global Procurement
  • Johnson Controls


3:40 PM

Delivering new value fueled by the Internet of Things

The internet of things is the ultimate change agent, enabling business and industry to connect, measure, and manage products, information, operations, and the enterprise like never before. With opportunity comes challenges that need to be addressed in order to realize the full potential of the Internet of Things. Those challenge exists at every layer of IT / OT convergence,  from connectivity to interoperability, cybersecurity, and system reliability. When Operations, Finance, Facilities, Energy and Sustainability teams collaborate together in IoT solution development, they are finding the potential to reach all new levels of safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

In this presentation Prith Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer of Schneider Electric will discuss how Schneider Electric is partnering with industry and customers to translate IoT into tangible value today. At the same time, Prith will share a set of  predictions for where the greatest impact and potential for value will be generated over time. Based on the company’s recent global IoT survey of 2,500 top business executives and lessons learned from years of experience developing IoT solutions, Mr. Banerjee will introduce the company’s perspective for how IoT will usher in the next wave of digital transformation and advance the world of energy and automation. Additionally, he will detail the innovations the company has developed to support current and future IoT implementations and the results driven through real-world case studies where barriers to adoption have been overcome to deliver efficiency, productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage.



 Thought Leadership Presentation – Reserved for Sponsor


4:20 PM

Panel: Embracing Shared Mobility and the Cultural Implications to Create Smarter Cities
  • The Sharing Economy meets the Internet of Things: How will increasing connectivity drive innovation in this collaborative ecosystem?
  • Examining successes of innovating brands in the shared economy space (i.e. Airbnb, Uber, Zipcar, Getaround…)
  • Keeping up with today’s societal and cultural demands, expectations and trends
  • Creating safer cities with “Vision Zero”
  • Developing effective business models and practices: Working with 3rdparties, e.g. Music Streaming, Content, Retail, Advertising
  • What comes next?
  • Timothy Papandreou
  • Chief Innovation Officer / Director,  Office of Innovation
  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
5:00 PM