Company Profile for Greenland Holding Group Co Ltd (GGPZ)

Company Profile for Greenland Holding Group Co Ltd (GGPZ)

Company Profile for Greenland Holding Group Co Ltd (GGPZ)


Greenland Holding Group Co Ltd a private company

Greenland Holding Group Company, Ltd operates as a real estate property developer. The Company engages in commercial real estate development, construction, energy, finance, and automobile services. Greenland Holding Group conducts operation s in China.

Established on July 18, 1992, Greenland Group has become one of the biggest state-owned enterprise in Shanghai as well as a leading comprehensive real estate enterprise in China. Being strictly adhering to the corporate tenet of “Greenland, create better life” and the development concept of “constructing and enjoying harmonious Greenland together” in the past 20 years, Greenland Group has formed a diversified industrial structure through both industrial and capital operation which is “energy and finance sections develop simultaneously with real estate as main occupation”. Greenland Group ranks No.483 in 2012 Fortune Global 500 list, 87th place among Top 500 China enterprises and 1st place among comprehensive enterprises centering on real estate.
Greenland Group takes real estate development and operation as core and leading industry. The construction projects cover nearly 65 cities in 24 provinces of China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Jinan, Hefei, Nanchang, Suzhou, Wuxi, Wuhan, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Guiyang, Xi’an, Wulumuqi, Yinchuan, Hohhot, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Changchun, and Harbin, etc.; Greenland Group enjoys a leading place in terms of developing scale & type as well as quality & brand, especially in extra-high buildings, large urban complex, high-speed rail station commercial center. 17 extra-high landmark buildings developed by Greenland Group are now completed construction or under construction. Among them, three are listed among Top10 extra-high buildings all over the world.
As maintaining its leading position in real estate industry, Greenland Group actively develops energy, finance and other sub-pillar industries. As the second pillar industry, Greenland Energy Group has formed an integrated chain covering not only coal production, processing, storage, transportation, and distribution but also petroleum storage, transportation, and sales. Greenland Energy Group owes several coal mines in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Guizhou, with total potential quantity as many as 600 million metric ton, and annual output of more than 15 million metric ton. Meanwhile, Greenland Group has developed an integrated chain of financial industry by establishing Greenland Financial Investment Holdings Group which holds the controlling share of Panjin Commercial Bank and has invested Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Bank of Jinzhou, and Orient Securities. With the largest registered capital, Greenland Micro-credit Company is established and well-functioning, as well as the companies specializing in financing guarantee or mortgage. Greenland Business Group, Hotel Group, Construction Group, Automobile Service Group and other industrial groups have also obtained great strength with large scale.
Greenland Group shoulders great social responsibility and bears contribution to society. Greenland Group has donated 200 million RMB setting up the largest enterprise-named specific welfare foundation in Shanghai, invested more than 400 million RMB in the construction of symbolic public greenbelts in Shanghai for free and 250 million RMB to support Shanghai Expo 2010. In the past 20 years, Greenland Group has donated totally 900 million RMB in charity, public welfare, Shanghai EXPO and preferential treatment for servicemen. Greenland Group has been awarded and honored National Labor Day Certificate of Merit, Chinese Charity Award, National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization, and National Civilization Unit etc. The brand “Greenland” has been certified as “Chinese Famous Brand” by State Bureau of Industrial and Commercial Administration.
According to our five-year development plan, Greenland Group contrives to be a large enterprise group with world-class size & scale, operation & management level, brand influence and sustainable potential in 2015. Greenland Group aims to enter Fortune 200 list in 2015 with the revenue exceed 500 billion RMB.

Zhang Yuliang


Encouraged by south tour speeches by Deng Xiaoping, Greenland Development General Company, the precursor of Greenland Group was established in July 1992. In the past 17 years since then, Greenland Group has roughly come through three phases:

Phase I (1992-1997)

This was a starting and accumulation period, during which, Greenland Group successfully explored a new model for urban public greenbelt construction of “cultivate greenbelt by houses, promote houses by greenbelt”— accumulate fund through real estate operation, and invest urban public greenbelt free of charge; increase real estate value by public greenbelt, and win policy support from government; actively participate in reconstruction and relocation campaigns, and promote real estate development. In early 1994, People’s Daily and CCTV reported Greenland Group’s innovative work of constructing urban greenbelts free of charge with investment from the market. Until 1997, Greenland real estate business division had accumulated relatively abundant funds and affluent experience, and established a good brand, reputation as well as social image.

Phase III (1997-2001)

During this period, Greenland Group greatly progressed to be one of the leading real estate enterprises in Shanghai. In March 1997, Greenland Group completed restructuring according to the requirements of modern enterprise system of clear proprietary, right and responsibility as well as scientific administration and management. Meanwhile, Greenland Group achieved great development in all industries, notably the core business, i.e. real estate. Greenland Group became one of the leading real estate enterprises with sales surface areas and sales revenue reaching one of the top in Shanghai.

Phase III (2001-now)

Since 2001, Greenland Group started expansion to the whole country, and forcefully executed national strategy. Greenland Group came into the third phase of continuous and fast development. During this period, Greenland Group gradually grew to be a leading enterprise in China’s comprehensive real estate industry, as well as listed among Top 100 Chinese enterprise. Through mutual development of industrial and capital operation, Greenland Group has formed a diversified industrial structure: “energy and finance sections develop simultaneously with core industry— real estate”. “Greenland” has been awarded Chinese Famous Brand. Energy, Finance, Construction, and Automobile Groups have achieved a large scale and excellent strength.

Greenland Group concentrates on real estate development and operation as core business, and has started national strategy. Currently, the projects cover 45 cities in 23 provinces, with the construction area as large as 40 million square meters. Greenland Group is at a leading place in China in terms of development scale, development ability, product type as well as quality and brand, especially in super-high buildings, large urban complex, high-speed railway station commercial area and new city development. Until now, there are 11 super-high buildings completed or under construction. Since 2010,
Greenland Group has invested and developed Wuhan Greenland Center as high as 606 meters (No. 2 in China, and No. 3 in the world), Wuhan Greenland International Financial City with total floor area of three million square meters, Dalian Greenland Center as high as 518 meters (No. 3 in China, and No. 4 in the world), Greenland Central Plaza, the highest twin-tower as high as 300 meters in China, at Zhengzhou high-speed railway station, as well as landmark projects such as ecological Greenland Yan’an New City. Jiangsu No. 1 building, Nanjing Greenland Center, as high as 450 meters, was completed and started operation. The projects constructed by Greenland Group are well accepted and recognized by local government, market and the whole public.

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