Top 10 Best Steakhouse in SF – Rank no.7 – Osso Steakhouse – US

Top 10 Best Steakhouse in SF – Rank no.7 – Osso Steakhouse – US

Top 10 Best Steakhouse in SF – Rank no.7 – Osso Steakhouse – US

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Category: Steakhouses 

1177 California St
(between Jones St & Taylor St)
San Francisco, CA 94108
Neighborhood: Nob Hill

(415) 771-6776

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Health Score: 
91 out of 100
Mon-Sun 5 pm – 10 pm
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NoAbout Osso Steakhouse

What is the difference between a very good steak, a great steak and Osso?


Aging is a natural process that improves the tenderness and flavor of beef. There are two types of aging: dry-aging and wet-aging. In the ‘70s, a less expensive aging process became popular that put the beef in vacuum-sealed Cryovac bags, allowing the meat to age in its own juices, hence the term “wet-aging.”

Quality steakhouses serve top grade 100% USDA Prime or Certified angus wet-aged beef. A few of the better steakhouses can dry-age their beef on premise for a maximum of twenty-one days, which may produce a very good steak.

Historically, dry-aged beef was the gold standard. It is a respected, time-honored technique of preparing high-quality beef. A great steakmust be dry-aged four to six weeks in a large, specialized facility that provides a sanitized and closely monitored environment; the temperature must be maintained at 33-34 degrees (F), the humidity must be precisely 82% and there must also be a constant air flow of fifteen feet per second around the open meat at all times, all of which takes place under the watchful eye of a highly-skilled butcher. The texture and taste of the meat becomes richer and more buttery.

The result is the best steak youve ever tasted!

Osso’s is a restaurant that caters to the discriminating steak eater and does not age beef on premises but has partnered with one of the few purveyors who has a Total Quality Control (TQC) USDA-rated facility (only 8% qualify for this designation in the country) that can do our aged beef for four to six weeks and fulfill our rigid specifications.

Pan searing the meat in its own natural juices with a hint of garlic and rosemary then de glazing it is what sets Osso Steakhouse apart from other Steakhouses.

What is an Osso’s Style Porterhouse?

To provide the consummate steak, we offer a Porterhouse that is a little different from the norm. The size of the filet on a typical Porterhouse varies and can be quite small. The differing thickness in the meat on either side of the bone often means that one side is over done. We separate the Porterhouse into its components, a New York and a Filet Mignon, and cook them separately so that each steak is perfect. The steaks arrive at your table on one plate, Osso’s style: tender and delicious.

THE CRABnewcrab

We buy only Dungeness crab that weighs at least two plus pounds (for those meaty legs) and is harvested from the nearby Pacific Ocean. The whole crab is roasted and drizzled with our crab butter sauce.

It’s Addictive!

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf is a landing spot for many kinds of seafoods, but a glance at the big sign overlooking the parking lot (or at the smaller signs posted around the city pointing the way to the wharf) gives a clue to which is most important. Both signs feature the distinctive shape of Dungeness crab, one of the treasures of the West Coast fish market, and the symbol of the Golden Gate fishing industry.

Most of the year, but especially in winter, the air around the wharf carries the scent of crabs boiling in large outdoor pots, to be sold in walk-away crab cocktails, or taken home to serve as simple cracked crab. Inside the nearby restaurants, they may be combined with other seafoods in a thick tomato-based stew called cioppino, or as chunks of crab meat heaped on top of a salad with Louis dressing.

Native to coastal waters from southern California to the Aleutians, Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) is the main commercial crab species south of Alaska, with important landings in nearly every fishing port north of Santa Barbara. It’s a fairly large species, weighing about a pound and a quarter apiece in the minimum legal size (6-1/4 inches across the carapace, or upper shell) and running up to about 3 pounds. Most of the catch is consumed close to home, but some gets shipped to other parts of the country both fresh and frozen.

Around San Francisco, the season usually begins in November, and cracked crab is as much a tradition at some Bay Area Thanksgiving tables as turkey.

The common name of Dungeness crab comes from the town of the same name on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, which in turn was named after a point on the English coast near the strait of Dover. Perhaps coincidentally, the waters off southern England are home to a close cousin of Dungeness crab, the European common or edible crab (C. pagurus).

D e s s e r t
chocolate cappuccino mousse cup
hot pineapple rum cake
warm lemon torte with mint cream
mango panna cotta
licorice cheesecake
anna banana kabob
N e s p r e s s o C o f f e e s
single double
espresso 3.95 4.95
machiato 4.50 5.50
cappuccino 4.50 5.50
latte 4.50 5.50
mocha 4.50 5.50
coffee 3.95
hot or iced tea 3.95
D e s s e r t W i n e s
grahams 20 yr tawny port, oport-portugal 13
jaboulet muscat de baumes-des-venise 2010, france 14
dow’s vintage port 1991, oporto-portugal 17
dolce by far niente 2007, napa 23
chateau d’yquem 2006, sauternes-france (bottle only) 649
L i q u e r s 10
aqua poire
fernet branca
aqua framboise
bailey’s irish cream
grand marnier
st germain
amaretto di saronno
domaine de canton ginger
st george absenthe verte
W h i s k e y s
jameson irish 10
bulliet 10
makers mark 10
jack daniels 10
crown royal 12
knob creek 12
buffalo trace 13
rittenhouse rye 15
taylor small batch 15
eagle rare 10 yr single barrel 15
templeton rye 16
pappy van winkle rare 23 yr family reserve 100
S c o t c h e s
dewars 9
chivas regal 12
johnny walker black 12
glenlivet 12 yr single malt 12
glenmorangie 10 yr single malt 13
ardbeg corryveckan 15
oban 14 yr single malt 17
bruichladdich 16 yr single malt 19
bowmore 18 yr single malt 23
macallen 18 yr single malt 25
spring bank 18 yr single malt 27
johnny walker blue 35
C o g n a c s
couvoisier vs 13
hennessy vs 13
remy xo cognac 29
G r a p p a s
candolini bianca 12
sassicaia jacopo poli 35
T e q u i l a s
agavales blanco 10
patron silver 11
heradura silver 11
ocho reposado 14
fortaleza reposado 16
jose cuervo la famila reserve extra anejo 25

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