San Francisco – 94109 – Nob Hill – CA -4/23

San Francisco – 94109 – Nob Hill – CA -4/23

San Francisco – 94109 – Nob Hill – CA  -4/23

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City: San Francisco, CA
County: San Francisco County, CA

Estimated zip code population in 2011: 53,809
Zip code population in 2010: 55,984
Zip code population in 2000: 56,322



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Cable Car Museum: The City by the Bay boasts the only operating cable car system in the world; if you want to be a true San Franciscan, it pays to brush up on your cable car facts. This free museum is housed in the city’s cable car barn and powerhouse, a large brick structure, and features displays of historic cable cars, as well as live views of the winding machinery and cables for the Hyde, California, Mason and Powell lines, all in action. The small gift shop is crammed with a dizzying number of cable car souvenirs. 1201 Mason St., (415) 474-1887.


Grace Cathedral Episcopal Church: The West Coast’s largest Episcopal cathedral looms over Huntington Park with Gothic splendor, an imposing replacement for the original 1849 Gold Rush chapel. Of special interest are the cathedral’s stained glass, its bronze doors (casts of those made by Lorenzo Ghiberti for the Baptistry in Florence), frequent concerts, and its pair of labyrinths. Circular paths of inlaid patterned coils, the labyrinths are intended for contemplative walking. The outdoor labyrinth is made of terrazzo stone, and the indoor path is woolen tapestry. 1100 California St., (415) 749-6300.


Huntington Park: After the 1906 earthquake and fire destroyed the grand home of Arabella Huntington, widow of railroad baron Collis P. Huntington, she donated the land to the City of San Francisco to be used as a public park. The classic square forms the heart of Nob Hill, and with its shady benches and children’s playground it makes an inviting place to pause after a hike up the hill. The Fountain of the Tortoises, a replica of one in Rome, features a mélange of cavorting turtles and nymphs and is lit by eight underwater halogen lamps that, during the holidays, are changed from clear to red, amber and green. At Jones and Taylor Sts.