Council Meeting in Sunnyvale – 03/27/17

Council Meeting in Sunnyvale – 03/27/17

Location: Council Chambers and West Conference Room, City Hall

456 W. Olive Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Time: 6:30PM

  • Topic:

1. Location: 740 San Aleso Avenue











Zoning: PPSP

Proposed Project: Related applications on a 6.46-acre site: SPECIAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT AND ENVIRONMENTAL

 ASSESSMENT: to allow demolition of five existing single story office buildings and construction of 118 multi-family units, including 96 townhome condominiums and 22 duets and associated site improvements.

Applicant / Owner: CalAtlantic Homes

Environmental Review: Mitigated/Negative Declaration

Project Planner: Margaret Netto, Contract Planner (408) 730-7628,

2. Location: 441 East Washington Avenue









Zoning: R-2/ PD

Proposed Project: Special Development Permit for 636 square feet first-floor addition and 690 square feet second-floor addition to an existing two-story residence resulting in a total floor area of 2,563 square feet (2,126 square feet living area and 437 square feet detached garage) with 47.2 % Floor Area Ratio (FAR). 434 square feet of the existing floor area will be demolished as part of the permit.

Applicant/Owner: Chapman Design Associates (applicant) / Mitchell L Diamond and Virginia M Gelczis (owner)

Environmental Review: Class 1 Categorical Exemption relieves this project from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) provisions that includ e minor additions to an existing single-family residence (CEQA Section 15301).

Project Planner: Aastha Vashist, (408) 730-7458,