Our mission

At the core of GetHuman is the belief that very simple customer requests have become a complicated, tangled mess. One that involves long wait times, confronting multiple company reps, negotiating, enduring inappropriate upselling, and a number of other obstacles that drive anxiety and waste a lot of time. We’re not sure how customer service got messy, and we know that it isn’t easy for large companies to keep all of their customers happy. But we know that our simple customer requests should be, well, simple. And we’re doing everything we can to make it so.


What is GetHuman?

GetHuman builds tools that help customers save time and money on their customer service issues. We have loads of free information and tips on how to better reach customer service and get better results. And you can also hire our pros to handle your customer service issues for you- saving you the time and frustration. Here are just a few of the ways we try to help customers:


Who uses GetHuman?

The short answer is: hundreds of millions of frustrated customers. Last year, roughly 1 in 8 Americans used GetHuman to save time or money on a customer service problem. Users from 241 different countries used our tools and information to cut time out of the customer service process and get more value from their products and services. You and other consumers like you power GetHuman by sharing your experiences, tips, and shortcuts and by continuing to spread the word with others.


How you can make customer service better

GetHuman was built off of customers sharing information with each other, spreading the word, giving feedback, and helping us refine the information and tools that we offer. So please- give us feedback using the Feedback or megaphone button in the lower right of the screen so we know when something isn’t working or if you have a better way. And please- spread the word. The more customers use our tools and information, the more helpful it gets.