Artificial Intelligence Top 10 In China – 3/10

Artificial Intelligence Top 10 In China – 3/10

Artificial Intelligence Top 10 In China – 3/10

Ranking: Number 3
Company Name: Cloudminds
Field: Robotics
Funding Total: US$130 Million

Beijing Office

23th Floor, Unit A Wangjing SOHO Tower 3 Wangjing Street No.10, Chaoyang District Beijing, 100027

(Cloudminds’ guide helmet for the blind helps the visually challenged to navigate their environment.)

Founded by the former head of research at China Mobile in 2015, Cloudminds is building robots and partnering with robot vendors to form a worldwide ecosystem of smart machines, as well as providing networks that function as the nerve transmission system for intelligent robots.

Founder Huang Xiaoqing believes that Cloudminds will become the artificial brains, eyes, ears, legs, arms and hands for the robots of the future, as humanoid robot will require a cloud system – hopefully provided by Cloudminds – to see, hear, listen, think and walk.

The company’s only publicly revealed product is a guide helmet for the blind called META, designed to help the visually challenged navigate their environment, using GPS positioning, voice commands and image recognition.

With US$130 million in total venture funding raised from investors including electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn Technology Group and SoftBank Group Co., CloudMinds struck two partnerships within the past two months to create a virtual reality platform and build a 3D holographic reality experienced delivered on mobile devices.

Over the long term, the company plans to launch a full-service housekeeping robot to serve individual families.