Alexa Skill in Real Estate 51-59

51,California Association of Realtors

by California Association of REALTORS


Are you interested in the California housing market or trending real estate news? The “California Realtors” skill has you covered, courtesy of the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

• You can ask for general news, legal updates, or official releases:
“Alexa, ask California REALTORS® for a news update”


52,Mortgage Marketing Expert

by Mortgage Marketing Expert


The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast mission is simple, to help mortgage professionals build their business and do mortgage marketing better. This Marketing Minute Flash Briefing is a quick tip and useful content that mortgage and real estate professionals can use to build a more effective and efficient business.


53,Winchester Massachusetts Real Estate

by Voiceter Pro Inc


The Winchester Massacusets Real Estate Skill is brought to you by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Shanahan Group, a radically different real estate firm proudly serving Winchester, Medford, Reading, Woburn, & Lexington Massachusets. With this skill, you can check the value of your current home and locate the perfect new home based on your unique wishes and desires – all with the power of voice search. The process is simple – just tell Alexa what you would like to do, answer a few basic questions, and then Alexa will provide you some initial findings and email you a link with even more results. If you ever want more information or if you want to leverage this powerful new tool to help market and sell your current home, we can connect you with amazing sales associates.


54,Real Estate SnapShot Lake Windcrest Magnolia, TX

by Culberson&Company


Are you interest in buying or selling in Lake Windcrest located in Magnolia, Texas? Welcome to the first flash briefing dedicated to real estate information in Lake Windcrest. Provided by Scott Culberson, Broker Associate, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, 281-467-4691 email Other features will includ e helpful tips for increasing your homes appeal and for buyers how to effectively search for your forever home. Created by the Author of Jack and Jill GO UP the Home Ownership Hill a book available on This skill will provide many hours of information and entertainment. We hope that this skill will help you to Live Life to the Fullest.


55,Real Estate

by Voiceter Pro Inc


You can use this app to search for houses to buy or rent in your area. All you need to do is sign up and link your account to Voiceter Pro. Once you have finished the search with Alexa check your email for the rest of your results.

56,The Real Estate Flash

by Gregory Charlop


Welcome to the best Technology, industry news, marketing tricks, and commentary for real estate agents. The Real Estate Flash keeps you up to date with the world of real estate. Full of useful tips and powerful interviews, we will boost your real estate career. Look for great ways to help your community with Philanthropy Fridays. Check us out and let us know what you think!


57,Single Digits

by Airwave Networks Inc


To enable this skill, you will need to create a valid Single Digits account. The Single Digits skill connects you with your property in a way never before seen. As a resident user, you will have access to rent due dates, office hours, property messages/events, and Single Digits contact information.

58,Agent X

by Realogy


Agent X is a voice assistant for real estate agents that provides access to productivity tools and market intelligence. To get your listing status, property details, appointments, and more, simply “Ask Agent X”.

Account linking to your authorized real estate brand login is required to access.

Try saying Alexa…
start my day with Agent X.
read my listings with Agent X.
ask Agent X what went under contract?
ask Agent X what is my schedule for Tuesday?
tell me news with Agent X.

Agent X is proudly Made in USA.