Top 100 Best High Schools 2013 – Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies – Newsweek – 77/100

Top 100 Best High Schools 2013 – Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies – Newsweek – 77/100

Top 100 Best High Schools 2013 – Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies – Newsweek – 77/100


Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies
City: Metairie

School Classification: M, S
Grad Rate(%):100

AP/IB Tests:0.7
College Bound(%):100
AVG SAT: 1896

1416,Metairie Rd,Metairie,LA,70005-3921, United States


The Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies is a Magnet School in the Jefferson Parish School District in Metairie, Louisiana. Haynes has been designated a Five Star School by the Louisiana State education agency. It was the first school in Louisiana to become a member of the National English Honor Society. Haynes has won ten national titles in the Math and Propaganda games, and two overall National Championships. The Haynes Academy is named after Vernon C. Haynes, a former principal of the school.

Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies was established in 1909 by the Jefferson Parish School Board and named Metairie Ridge School. By 1912, the wood-framed, one-room schoolhouse had grown to an enrollment of 54. By 1929, grades 1 through 12 had been established and the school was renamed Metairie High School. After East Jefferson High opened in 1955, it was converted to a junior high school and Vernon C. Haynes became the principal.

During the 1968–69 school year, the two-story school building, which had been used for 44 years, was torn down and replaced with the present single-story building. In 1969, it became Metairie Middle School.

On November 22, 1974, the school’s name was once again changed to the Vernon C. Haynes Middle School in honor of the former principal.

Haynes Middle School became Haynes Middle School for Advanced Studies in October 2004, and then became Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies in May 2006 after adding one high school grade each year. The class of 2010 was the first class to graduate from Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies.

Though the school’s name has changed many times throughout the years, the mascot has stayed the same. The Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies’ mascot is the Yellow Jacket.

Haynes is a Magnet School that focuses on a particular curriculum set up by the state. Magnet Schools emphasize a particular vocation, such as science, the arts, or mechanics. The admissions process is often very competitive.

The application process occurs in three steps: application submission, the screening phase, and the testing phase. Potential students must first submit a general application online, at any school in the district, or at the Jefferson Parish Public School System offices. Each application will be screened by a panel of three central office administrators. Those who meet the screening criteria will move on to the testing phase of the process. Group paper and pencil tests are administered to potential students. Scores will be reported in the district percentile format and students will be admitted based on those scores.

Haynes offers courses in English, Business, History, Math, PE & ROTC, Science, and Social Studies. Every grade in the school ranks higher in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies than the rest of Jefferson Parish Public Schools and schools in Louisiana in general. The Haynes Academy also offers Special Education programs, as do the other Jefferson Parish School District schools.

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